cursed vale biom

Other names include Viking Burial Grounds, purple biome, undead biome.


General Description

Cursed Vale biome, known for it’s common undead spawn, purple forest, poisonous mushrooms and the rare somber soul ore. In comparison to other biomes, Cursed Vale’s dungeons are the easiest, no jumps are required and no special navigation required, making it ideal for new players to tackle this biome or those that simply want fast dungeon clears. As for mining, the common cave trend for this biome is that of an ravine. Vertically steep entrances that may lead to an underground tunnel system. However it pales in comparison to the dragon biome’s underworld cave style but better than Neon City’s non-existent cave style. The main reason you’re in this biome for material reasons, is the availability of primal purple and yellow blocks, somber souls, enchanted wood, bleached bones and mushroom chunks.


Cursed Vale's colour as seen on the map

Cursed Vale’s color as seen on the map



Cursed Vale’s biome famous resources include the rare somber soul and loads of mushroom chunks. Although somber souls *can* in fact appear in biomes outside Cursed Vale, one example being the Desert of Secrets (Orange biome) since they share the sole fact creatures have decayed. However, Cursed Vale biome remains the best biome to farm somber souls. Consider mining in Cursed Vale when you need shapestone, you may just come across a few somber souls. As for the other main resource, contrary to what others may think, mushroom chunks are more abundant in Cursed Vale simply because a dungeon is dedicated to it, poison mushroom monsters drop chunks, poison mushroom are readily available both overworld and underground (See more under Dungeons: Purple mushroom)

cursed vale underground

Entrance to underground







cursed vale underground

Entrance to underground








cursed vale underground

Somber Soul










Difficulty rating: 1/5

Cursed Vale biome contains only one 3-star dungeon, a recipe dungeon and some standard dungeons. Keep in mind there is no official name so I’m just using my own made up names.

Labyrinth 3-star

Can be found from far distances by spotting distinct boulders that are near this dungeon. This dungeon is a maze of sorts with 4 floors, including the ground floor. To enter, go through the door to the building on the left, not the cemetery, if it’s closed, manually break through the glass or with a bomb. One key note is that the first underground floor has 3 paths you can take, using the below picture as reference, the right leads to a possible boss spawn, the middle leads to a loop, the left continues into the dungeon. ALWAYS check the right side first before continuing the dungeon. Other than that, the dungeon is linear.

cursed vale labyrinth dungeon entrance

The exterior of the labyrinth


cursed vale labyrinth dungeon tunnel

The interior of the labyrinth


Recipe Skull Dungeon

Ominous in appearance, this dungeon holds a recipe below. Key things to note about recipe dungeons is that a helpful recipe icon is indicated above the dungeon and recipe dungeon bosses are always found below, this applies to all current recipe dungeons.

cursed vale recipe skull dungeon

Entrance via the mouth, don’t bother jumping into the eyes.


Purple Mushroom

Shaped after a purple mushroom, this dungeon has a unique feature of spawning poison type mushroom monsters more than often, both outside and inside. On average, three poison mushroom monsters may be found, yielding 1-2 mushroom chunks each for a total average of 6 mushroom chunks. The interior of this dungeon requires you to use jump pads but I will provide a shortcut via bombing below, though it is always not recommended to bomb creations of course. Simply bomb the side opposite to the entrance, so as not to disturb those that actually want to go through the dungeon proper.

cursed vale mushroom dungeon

cursed vale mushroom dungeon

Mushroom snipers make taking pictures a living hell.


Angel Statue

Straightforward dungeon. Wouldn’t recommend bombing since it’s simple enough to go through this dungeon. Other than that, nothing noteworthy about this dungeon besides the portal entrance.

cursed vale angel statue dungeon

This reminds me of Nightcore- Angel of Darkness


Mini Labyrinth

The mini version of the Labyrinth. Easy to go through, just go down the stairs and give those skeletons what for. Again bombing not necessary.

trove cursed vale mini labyrinth dungeon


This dungeon comes in three variants of appearance. One has a statue above, one is partly destroyed and the last one has the entrance completely blown up, probably by a poison mushroom bomber.

cursed vale ruins dungeon

cursed vale ruins dungeon

cursed vale ruins dungeon

Drunk purple mushroom monsters are dangerous.


Thorvian Mound Dungeon 3-star

A new addition to the undead biome, this grand dungeon spawns a cool runic look along with it’s gigantic scale. However don’t let that phase you, the dungeon is actually very straightforward. Just follow the linear path. Beginners with no jump equips are able to do this dungeon. Just mind the plasma and jump pads and you will do fine.

trove cursed vale thorvian mound dungeon

Take the time to appreciate creations.




To conclude, you’re mostly here for the easy runs, somber souls and mushroom chunks. Enchanted wood and bleached bones are self explanatory. Just remember the helpful tips and shortcuts I provided and work to make your own strategies as you explore trove. Good Luck