Trove has a lot of classes to choose from all with their own unique play style! There are no designated “roles” in Trove and there is no difference between magical and physical damage versus monsters. That means you can just choose a class that fits your play style and this guide’s purpose is to help you decide that. These are only summaries of each class so if you want to learn more about a certain class refer to their main guide!





The Knight is the big bad tank class of Trove with it’s sole purpose being to soak up damage.. Right? WRONG! Well.. right, but not completely. The Knight’s passive makes it so when you get hit, your next basic attack packs a punch.. and I mean, it really packs a punch! So yeah, you’re a tank, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back! You also stun which is pretty cool too!


Passive: Retribution

When the Knight takes damage, their sword will start glowing. When this happens go chase down your opponents and make sure they feel the pain they dealt to you making you the ultimate vengeance seeking beast of Trove!



M2: Smash

The Knight smashes the ground, creating a mini earthquake that briefly stuns any enemies hit in front of you in a cone. It also pushes enemies back! And stuns them.. how about that for CC?


1: Charge!

The Knight charged forward in a fiery ball of death dealing damage to the first enemies unfortunate enough to be caught in it. Only downside to this? It costs energy so you can’t use it as much as I’d like you to.


2: (Ult) Iron Will

The Knight regains all his health and a fancy glowing shield that makes you take insanely reduced damage while it’s duration is up! The Knight doesn’t know what death feels like but it knows how to make other people feel it.. or something. Basically, you won’t die with this ability.


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The Gunslinger is a fragile ranged class equipped with a sweet pair of guns and master of aerial combat, run ‘n gunning, and just flat out making fun of all it’s enemies because they’re not ranged like the Gunslinger. Basically, you float above everything while you blast their face full of energy so who needs health when the enemies can’t even reach you?



Passive: Lucky Shot

Occasionally when attacking, you’ll get a fully charged “Charged Shot” that you can cast free of charge! You can shoot those big scary balls of energy for free with this, it’s pretty cool!


M2: Charged Shot

You stand there and charge up a big scary shot of pure energy but who needs to do that when you get them for free with your passive?


1: Blast Jump

You rocket jump into the air minus the rocket because you’re too cool for them and have dual guns instead. After reaching the maximum height of this super jump, you gain a brief period of slow fall because gravity means nothing to you and you can control it with your guns, literally. Shoot enemies while you’re in the air and you get to fall slow, it’s awesome!


2: (Ult) Run and Gun

You’re already awesome but this just makes you awesome-er. Shoot faster, run faster, you’re not slowed while shooting, it has everything! The only downside to this is.. who needs to run when you can float?


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Fae Trickster


The Fae Trickster is pretty fragile sure, but you’re like a King/Queen. You’re royalty. This means people will take damage for you and that’s exactly what the Fae does. You literally make fancy clones of yourself that enemies can’t resist so as long as you stay out of harm’s way, you’ll be making enemies disappear with all that damage you do!


Passive: Ego Blast

Let’s face it, you’re awesome. Your ego is so huge it makes your attacks huge as well. Only problem is.. your ego can get hurt sometimes which makes your huge attacks hurt.. less.. as well. Just don’t get hit and you should be golden!



M2: Blink

You teleport in the direction you’re facing and leave behind a exact copy of yourself that mobs can’t resist. They attack the clone instead of you so you’re free to make them explode with your huge ego and damage!


1: Glitterbomb

As if your scary auto attacks weren’t enough, you throw bombs too! They might not have the damage of your auto attacks but they sure make the enemies scatter which is fun. By that I mean, these bombs have some crazy knockback!


2: (Ult) Faerie Dance

Your clones aren’t enough. You have an entourage as well. Only problem is they’re not always ready to fight so it’s got a cooldown. Cast this and BAM, magical staffs come to aid you in battle blasting everything in their way!


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You’re a dragon. Literally. Maybe the power of Ice isn’t for you.. maybe fire is? I’m not sure, but the Dracolyte has a lot of it and it’s not afraid to melt enemies faces off! You shoot fire, you have bombs, a mini dragon follows you around and you can turn into a big dragon! There is literally nothing to dislike about this class!


Passive: Firewalking

Lava or fire or whatever means nothing to you. The damage it does to you is so little you can laugh at it and laugh you will! Basically, lava does very little damage to you and also makes you move 75% faster while in it.


M2: Spit Fire

Well, it’s not you that get’s to spit fire but it’s still pretty cool! The little dragon that follows you around will fill up with fire while you attack things and you can cast this to make it literally spit fire! The mini dragon/familiar spits a lot of fire by the way.


1: Burnt Offering

Bombs. You also have bombs. Throw these on the ground and shoot a little fire at them and BOOM, fiery explosion! You can place a lot down if you have the energy regen for it and wow do they hurt.


2: (Ult) Avatar of Flame

This is it folks, what you’ve all been waiting for. Transform into your true form, a mighty dragon! You take reduced damage while in dragon form and get to spit hotter fire! If you go on your mount, boat, mag rider or even just start flying you get to stay in dragon form, as you should.



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Neon Ninja


The Neon Ninja is a very mobile melee class that utilizes snares and stealth to avoid damage. This physical damage dealer thrives when weaving in and out of fights. You’re quick, can’t take a hit but sure can deal one! If you decide to play this class, make sure to create your own ninja sounds whenever you use an ability or attack an enemy. It just makes the experience that much better!


Passive: Shining Star

Whacking enemies with your Ninja powers grants you Shuriken stacks. You can throw them when you stealth but it’s best to wait until you have 3 stacks because that just means more damage! You’ve gotta aim these so harness your ninja powers when you’re ready to throw them to avoid missing!


M2: Shadow Flip

Do a sweet backwards ninja flip and turn invisible. You’re so fast that you leave behind a mini hologram of yourself that lasts for like half a second. You get to stay invisible for 3 seconds and while invisible run 50% faster! This is also when you get to throw those Shurikens you’ve been holding on to.



1: Stasis Blade

You charge forward so fast it’s almost as if you teleported.. but you didn’t. You’re no Fae, you don’t do that teleporting stuff. Anyways, you charge forward and lock enemies in a Neon prison for a brief period. They can’t move but they can still attack so don’t let your guard down!


2: (Ult) Mark of Death

All your trainings paid off. You can now shoot pure beams of Ninja light! They pierce too, so that’s awesome. Basically, when you activate this your auto attacks shoot these beams out. The best part? It also refreshes the root that Stasis Blade applies to enemies so you can lock enemies down for pretty much however long you feel is necessary.


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Candy Barbarian


Candy Barbarian was the latest addition to the collection of classes Trove has to offer and his arrival has invited mixed feelings amid community members. While many are excited for his abilities to regain health, most find it rather overpowered compared to current released content. Boasting the highest attribute gain in the game as well as powerful healing capabilities, the Candy Barbarian remains a formidable foe to contend against. As it currently stands, the Candy Barbarian remains vastly superior to his fellow melee classes in combat capabilities and survivability. Looking to burn a hole through your pockets, the Candy Barbarian’s dual wield melee design attract both new and veteran players alike.


Passive: Gum Drop

Drop rage inducing sour candy when attacked.



[Active RMB] Vanilla Swirlwind:

A spin attack that knocks sweet healing candy out of foes



Throw yourself at enemies, knocking sour candy out of them.[Active 1] Sugar Crash:



[Active 2] Eis-Crom Cone:

A scoop of pain for your enemies and candy for your allies.


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Ice Sage


Master of ice and everything cold, the Ice Sage is here to make everyone chill out. It comes equipped with slows and big freezes, It’s probably as close to a support class Trove will ever have but don’t let that fool you! The Ice Sage still packs a punch.. if that punch was cold, made you move slow and maybe occasionally completely freezes you. Oh, and did I mention that the Sage also gives itself damage and speed in the form of a icy shield? Yeah.. it does that too!


Passive: Coldhearted

Those snowflakes you shoot might not hit hard but hey, they make your enemies slow! Your passive makes your enemies feel the chill, reducing their movement speed when you hit them with auto attacks!


M2: Ice Crash

You. Control. Ice. This is where most of your damage comes from. You just conjure up a floating Ice Crystal then let it crash down on your enemies, hence the name. You can cast it a lot and it does damage in a small AOE but it does not make your enemies chill so you’ll still have to use some auto attacks.


1: Frozen Ward

It’s a shield, of Ice! It gives you more damage, it makes you float faster AND it absorbs an attack that does 10% or more of your health, awesome! With enough energy regen Ice Crash can be cast infinitely so all your energy is pretty much just for making shields.


2: (Ult) The Big Chill

Freeze. EVERYTHING. Literally, everything around you gets frozen for a few seconds. Any damage taken while frozen will be applied when the freeze ends AND that damage will be amplified by the sheer power of cold! It’s freezing in here!


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Shadow Hunter



We’ve been asking for an Archer and we finally got one! The Shadow Hunter is the first class to use bows (Physical damage) and it sure uses them well! You get to shoot big scary arrows, stun enemies with the power of the sun and maybe occasionally hear creepy whispers.. but they’re friendly, I swear!


Passive: Darkwhispers

Do you hear the voices? No? Well.. they’re there, and I think they’re here to help. You periodically mark nearby enemies and you can see them through walls, how cool is that? Also, if you hit marked enemies with a Radiant Arrow it deals extra damage!


M2: Radiant Arrow

Charge up a Radiant infused arrow to smite down your enemies! It has a brief charge up period but hits hard especially if your scary voices told you to attack a certain enemy. Did I also mention that you can shoot these things through walls?


1: Sun Snare

Place down a trap almost like the Draco bombs except way cooler. You don’t have to attack your trap for it to detonate, it does that automatically, and when it does detonate enemies are stunned! Keep enemies at bay with a bunch of these and keep those arrows flying until your foes drop!


2: (Ult) Arrow of the Goddess

You empower your next Radiant Arrow with the power of the Radiant Goddess. It acts just like a normal Radiant Arrow except way stronger and added AOE damage. The spooky voices inside your head also mark all enemies around you activate this ability so you get to deal extra damage plus the extra damage of the Goddess arrow to all enemies hit by the explosion. So much damages!


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Pirate Captain

Yarr harr (insert pirate talk here), this here be the Pirate Captain! Controls and explodes the battlefield with turrets, decoys, and big scary cannonballs! The Gunslinger will have to share it’s guns because the Pirate uses them too! But.. maybe you’re not the best at aiming and that’s okay! The Pirate fires it’s pistol in a small cone in front of it so aiming isn’t as important.


Passive: Plunderbuss

You don’t have energy regen so don’t build it. Instead, you collect Doubloons that you get from attacking enemies and these Doubloons instead restore your energy! Your Pirate powers automatically pick up Doubloons for you so don’t worry about chasing after them.


M2: First Mate

Yer first matey be a parrot. It controls a turret. There is nothing cooler than that except the fact that the turret can upgrade in the middle of battle! Collect Doubloons to upgrade yer parrot turret and it’ll hit your non-pirate foes even harder!


1: Pretend Pirate

A lot of people wish they were pirates and you understand that. You can throw down all the pretend-ers and mobs will instantly start attacking them for trying to be Pirates. The pretend-ers don’t last long however, and can only take 3 hits before they explode and damage nearby mobs!


2: (Ult) Man ‘o War

If turrets weren’t enough, you also get to place down a big cannonball shooting monster! It doesn’t upgrade like your turrets but it packs a bigger scariest AOE punch that all yer enemies will feel. You control the battlefield with explosions!


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Maybe not the master of Ice but still the master at something! That something is none other than.. bombs and boomerangs! I bet you would’ve never guessed that. But it doesn’t stop there, the Boomeranger is also a master of bows AND swords and thus, can use them both! Just.. not at the same time, unfortunately. You also have chicken companions.


Passive: Final Blow

Which came first, the Sword or the Bow? Well, it doesn’t matter because you get to use them both! Also, every 3rd attack with either the sword or the bow is a stronger attack so make sure to stack that attack speed!


M2: Boomerang

You’re too cool for energy so you evolved to not have any. Instead, you have long cooldowns but the Boomerang helps negate that! Well first, you throw a boomerang that stuns enemies hit by it but then.. if you CATCH the boomerang on it’s way back home, your cooldowns are reduced!


1: Big Bomb

Everyone can craft bombs, sure. But do they all have BIG bombs?! These bad boys don’t explode instantly unlike their younger, weaker cousin “Bomb,” but that just means you get to watch the big bomb’s fuse burn out followed by it’s beautiful explosion. It can’t destroy blocks under it.


2: (Ult) Mysterious Urn

Health, cooldown reduction, bombs.. CHICKENS! Mysterious indeed, it has everything! When you pop this urn, it has 1 of the following mentioned earlier. Keep catching those boomerangs so you get to keep seeing the possibilities! My favorite? The chickens of course. Note how I said plural chickens? Because what’s better than 1 chicken is.. a pack of 3 chickens!
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Tomb Raiser



Chickens are cool but maybe they’re not for you. Are mini undead skeletons a little more appealing? How about 6 of them? That’s right folks, we’ve got a Necromancer and it’s brought an army! Skeletons, bigger skeletons, ghost form, it has it all! It also gets to steal health from its enemies so good luck trying to kill this Trove-y lich.


Passive: Soul Caller

The Fae’s not the only one with an entourage cause you’ve got one too! Except.. they’re dead. But that’s ok! You occasionally attract a restless soul that you can then use to summon a mini skeleton, amazing! You can also kill enemies and steal their souls as well, spooky!


M2: Bonetourage

That’s right, their purpose it to meet your every demand. They follow you around, they take damage for you, they attack with you (Or maybe for you if you’re not feeling up to the task), they do everything! You can have up to 6 which is basically an army right?


1: Banshee’s Boon

This is what you use to turn into a spooky ghost. While in spooky ghost form, you take 90% reduced damage and makes your basic attack affect everyone around you, damaging enemies and healing your little buddies. It rapidly depletes your energy so you can’t stay spooky forever.


2: (Ult) Grave Golem

Maybe your little mini skeleton minions aren’t enough but that’s ok because you get a big one too! Except you.. use all the mini ones to make the big one so the more you have, the bigger the goliath will be! You can still summon your Bonetourage after you’ve made a Grave Goliath so you get to have an even bigger army of 7 minions following you around. It also has some sweet dance moves.

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