Trove Candy Barbarian


1. Introduction

Candy Barbarian was the latest addition to the collection of classes Trove has to offer and his arrival has invited mixed feelings amid community members. While many are excited for his abilities to regain health, most find it rather overpowered compared to current released content. Boasting the highest attribute gain in the game as well as powerful healing capabilities, the Candy Barbarian remains a formidable foe to contend against. As it currently stands, the Candy Barbarian remains vastly superior to his fellow melee classes in combat capabilities and survivability. Looking to burn a hole through your pockets, the Candy Barbarian’s dual wield melee design attract both new and veteran players alike.


  • Highest attribute growth
  • High sustainability
  • Longest melee reach
  • Gear transferable from Knight



  • Unavailable for free
  • Skills require getting used to
  • Movements appear sluggish
  • Prone to balance changes in future


trove candy barbarian costume level 1

Level 1









trove candy barbarian costume level 10

Level 10









trove candy barbarian costume level 20

Max level









trove candy barbarian costume icecream crusher

Ice Cream Crusher









trove candy barbarian costume licorice lord

Licorice Lord








Role of a Candy Barbarian

Aside from being the typical damage dealer or tank, Candy Barbarian takes on an additional support role in any group he joins. Mostly reliant on melee attacks and active skill Vanilla Swirlwind to deal damage, the Candy Barbarian is able to catch up to his enemies by pouncing on them. On top of being able to provide healing through his ultimate, most of his other abilities are capable of generating candy when either dealing, or taking damage. These candies provide provide significant health returns and help keep the Candy Barbarian alive in any fight.

In solo game-play, the Candy Barbarian performs exceptionally well, even potentially stronger than grouped players. As such, I would in fact recommend most geared players to go solo rather than follow groups in uber worlds. This is because the Candy Barbarian relies heavily on dealing damage and taking damage to regain health and having more players around you make both of which more difficult to execute. The added bonus of having incredible attribute gain provides the Candy Barbarian more damage output as compared to most most other classes (and even higher than Fae Trickster while fighting groups of enemies), crowning him the true champion of going solo. I mean, who need allies when you are so incredibly strong and the others are just going to split enemies up, take your loot and make farming even more difficult. Most biomes are fine and good to farm in with the exception of Tundra and Medieval Highlands, which dungeons require a high amount of jumping to access them. On a side note, it is tested possible to solo up till uber 4 and possibly uber 5 with the help of lava and tactical play. However, it is likely inefficient and not recommended for purposes aside from having fun.

In group game-play, playing the Candy Barbarian is very much similar to the Knight. Your primary goal would be to absorb as much damage as possible for the ranged classes while at the same time doing damage of your own. In order to do this effectively, you should position yourself amid clusters of monster while constantly utilizing your Vanilla Swirlwind. This will not only do damage to surrounding monsters, but also maximize your healing capabilities via generating more candies. If necessary, use Sugar Crash to close the gap between enemies and cast your ultimate to save yourself a potion or deal area of effect damage. From experience, the Candy Barbarian feels weaker in team-play due to having to deal with monsters which get pulled apart from one another. As such, it is recommended that players run solo if possible and only group up for greater efficiency in handling Shadow Arenas.


Breakdown of skills

[Passive] Gum Drop:

Drop rage inducing sour candy when attacked.

trove candy barbarian gum drop skillWhen taking damage, there seems to be a rather low chance that a red candy will pop out of your body. While this candy provides substantial boost to movement and attack speed, it seems only effective when taking on large number of monsters as opposed to when fighting 1 on 1 battles.


[Active RMB] Vanilla Swirlwind:

A spin attack that knocks sweet healing candy out of foes.

trove candy barbarian vanilla swirlwind- kill

This ability lies at the core of all Candy Barbarians and should be your most used ability. For each enemy hit by it, a brown candy is spawned and heals you for a percentage of your max health, seemingly 10%, rendering your potions largely negligible when dealing with groups of enemies. The added fact that this skill does significant damage makes it a truly powerful skill in the Candy Barbarian’s arsenal.


[Active 1] Sugar Crash:

Throw yourself at enemies, knocking sour candy out of them.

trove candy barbarian sugar crash skill

This is basically the Candy Barbarian’s gap closer. By using it, the candy barbarian leaps upwards and forward, generating candies based on enemies hit upon landing. These candies will then return to the Candy Barbarian, granting him attack speed and movement speed similar to his passive. However, the skill does less damage compared to Vanilla Swirlwind and due to it’s difficult trajectory, is mostly used for the attack speed boost.


[Active 2] Eis-Crom Cone:

A scoop of pain for your enemies and candy for your allies.

trove candy barbarian eis crom cone skillCandy Barbarian’s ultimate ability include dropping a giant ice-cream cone out of the sky and onto enemies dealing substantial damage. Upon landing, the ice-cream cone also spawns a large number of candies, providing movement speed, attack speed and healing to allies nearby. Holding down the skill would create a target indicator as to where the skill will land.


Gearing up

Despite being a melee class, the Candy Barbarian is most effectively geared for damage rather than health. This is due to his incredible attribute gain in terms of physical damage of +33%, easily making him the class with the highest base damage in the game. Furthermore, the percentage heal on black candies, coupled with a staggering health health attribute gain of +23% makes acquiring substantial maximum health on Candy Barbarian extremely effective. For those of you who have followed my previous guide on the Knight class and gone with the damage build, it is entirely possible for you to simply transfer those equipment over rather than acquiring new ones.



Standard set

As mentioned earlier, than Candy Barbarian needs damage, damage and of course more damage. Stat priority goes in the order of Physical Damage, Energy Regeneration and Attack Speed, with the most beneficial ‘secondary’ attribute being Maximum Health/ Maximum Health % rather than Health Regeneration (for reasons view above). Personally, I choose to forgo Jump because while in the air, you are essentially not dealing damage and generating those candies you really need for that health gain. Furthermore, I have ran Candy Barbarian solo in Uber 5 Shadow Arena with no problem against the power plants (without the help of lava) so I believe Jump is a negligible attribute on him.



  • Physical Damage
  • Energy Regeneration
  • Health Regeneration
  • Attack Speed

trove candy barbarian weapon stats


*Note: The weapon features Maximum Health instead of Attack Speed due to personal taste. I find having the additional 3k health which translates to 300 more health per candy extremely important to survival.




  • Physical Damage
  • Maximum Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Attack Speed

trove candy barbarian face stats




  • Maximum Health
  • Maximum Health %/ Jump
  • Health Regeneration
  • Attack Speed

trove candy barbarian hat stats




  • Physical Damage
  • Energy Regeneration

trove candy barbarian ring stats



My personal full stats as a level 20 Candy Barbarian


trove candy barbarian personal stats

*Note that my damage and maximum health may be slightly higher due to mastery level



Combat guidelines

Combat with Candy Barbarian is straightforward yet fun. As a Candy Barbarian, you will want to initiate the battle by using Sugar Crash right into the middle of the enemy group. This will draw aggro from enemies hit while granting you instant Attack Speed and Movement Speed bonus. After that, simply hold down your normal attack button while constantly spamming Vanilla Swirlwind to deal damage and regain health at the same time. The Candy Barbarian’s ultimate can also be a substitute for Health Potions due to its incredible healing potential and timing it correctly can greatly reduce the number of trips back to your cornerstone. However, it is important to note that your ultimate does not heal you immediately but rather after a few seconds due to how it takes time for the candy to first drop and subsequently be picked up by your character. In certain situations, players may find back-peddling on Candy Barbarian extremely useful for drawing monsters close together such as when some monsters have longer range than you.



For advanced combat mechanics, I would recommend Candy Barbarian players to kill monsters selectively. This means that you would want to lower all your enemies’ health at the same time rather than killing them individually. Doing so will greatly increase your sustainability as you will be able to generate more black candies via Vanilla Swirlwind with more enemies around. The easiest way to achieve this would be to of course group them up before spamming your abilities. For dealing with ranged enemies that tend to strafe backwards away from you, you may want to activate your Vanilla Swirlwind only when it is in range of it. As such, the melee monsters following you will not die too early (more candies for you) and you wouldn’t have to waste a lot of health dealing with a single ranged enemy. From my own experience playing the Candy Barbarian, I often have difficulties keeping up with ranged enemies, especially fairies with low stability that get knocked back when hit. This is especially so as your Vanilla Swirlwind has knock-back capabilities. In such situations, try to land your Sugar Crash behind the ranged enemy such that it gets pushed toward the melee group following you.





Having said all that, the Candy Barbarian is undoubtedly overpowered as he stands right now. His proficiency in both group and single target combat is reflected by his ridiculously good ability to regain health. The Candy Barbarian is able to stand his ground against any number of enemies, slicing through them without much difficulty. Even in the face of its greatest nemesis being ranged monsters, the Candy Barbarian outperforms any of the other melee classes sharing similar difficulties. Personally, I managed to solo uber 5 Shadow Arena on Candy Barbarian (without lava and under 10 minutes) as well as out-tank approximately 10 invaders at the same time. If you are one of those players looking to absolutely crush enemies and love going solo, this is the class for you. While I strongly recommend trying out the Candy Barbarian if you haven’t already, I caution you about potential balance changes to the class in the future. Lastly, spin to win.