Neon Ninja



The Neon Ninja is a very mobile physical damage dealer who relies on line-of-sight attacks and enemy immobilization at the expense of survivability.



  • Exciting gameplay
  • Nifty skills



  • Requires coordination with other classes
  • Takes effort
  • Low survivability


With that said, the Neon Ninja makes a bad first impression. This is because out of all classes in Trove, the Neon Ninja requires effort and combat experience to maximize his effectiveness as a damage dealer.


Role of a Ninja

The Neon Ninja has the potential of being a great damage dealer and can also immobilize enemies so his comrades can attack worry-free, thus making him a babysitter in very tough situations.


You have the choice of getting HP/Regen gear to boost your survivability or physical damage and attack speed to kill your enemies quickly. The latter is recommended.


As a solo player, you want to fight in big enough areas so you can take advantage of your mobility without falling in traps.


In groups, what you want is to immobilize the most number enemies so others can attack them comfortably while at the same time dealing moderate to high damage.



All of the Neon Ninja skills have been designed to work together making you a great damage dealer and possessor of a great crowd-control ability.


shining_star  [Passive] Shining Star – Unlocked at level 1

This passive skill stores one shuriken each time you use a basic attack on an enemy up to 3 shuriken.

Shuriken, if used accurately, is a major source of damage for the Neon Ninja.

Each stored shuriken is represented by a ring around the Neon Ninja, which disappears 30 seconds after having attacked an enemy.

Shining Star Rings

You may only use shuriken while in stealth mode (see Shadow Flip skill).
Shuriken only hits the first enemy they encounter.


Shadow Flip  [Active] Shadow Flip – Unlocked at level 1

To use Shadow Flip press M2 button (right-click).

When activated the Shadow Ninja performs a back flip and goes into stealth mode.

Stealth mode lasts up to 3 seconds

Stealth mode lasts up to 3 seconds

While in stealth mode, you are invisible to enemies.

You can break out of stealth mode by attacking or performing another skill.

You may cancel the back flip by pressing the space bar.

Shadow Flip and Shining Star work in synergy because you can only throw the stored shuriken in Shadow Flip’s stealth mode by using the M1 button (left-click).

Flip Shuriken

You have 3 seconds to throw the shuriken



Statis Blade[Active] Stasis Blade – Unlocked at level 3

To use Stasis Blade press the 1 button.

Stasis Blade lunges the Neon Ninja 7 block units doing moderate damage and immobilizing all enemies in his way for 3 seconds.


The ground beneath the Neon Ninja is also affected

The ground beneath the Neon Ninja is also affected

Stasis Blade is Neon Ninja’s signature move and works great in solo and group play by avoiding getting hit while doing considerate damage to several enemies at once.

The downside of Stasis Blade is its high energy requirement.



final_technique_icon[Ultimate] Final Technique – Unlocked at level 5

To use Final Technique press the 2 button.

Upon activation, Neon Ninja’s blade imbues with energy for 5 seconds.

Final Technique

Final Technique has a 40 second cooldown

The energy on the blade adds high damage to the Neon Ninja and makes Neon Ninja’s attacks ranged.

Immobilized enemies hit by Final Technique will continue to be immobilized.

Final Technique 2

Only immobilized enemies will continue to be so when hit by Final Technique

Neon Ninja’s attacks become ranged in the form of energy bolts.

Neon Ninja’s attacks become ranged in the form of energy bolts.



Gearing up

Like any other class, you can get HP and HP regen stats on your gear to boost or max survivability, but that will diminish your ability to efficiently kill enemies and complete dungeons fast.


In groups or solo play, what you need is damage, attack speed and energy regeneration.

  • Damage – Will help you kill enemies faster.
  • Attack speed – Together with higher damage, it will prove great at defeating enemies quickly.
  • Energy regeneration – This will allow you to use your skills more frequently boosting your damage output.

Together with Final Technique, these stats will make your enemies drop like flies.



Combat guidelines


Your role in groups is pretty straightforward: to prevent enemies from closing in on your fellow players while doing moderate to heavy physical damage. Doing this consistently will prove difficult if you don’t have enough energy regeneration.


When playing along with a Dracolyte, Stasis Blade will allow him to attack immobilized enemies from a short distance without getting hit back. The same will prove true if your teammate is a Gunslinger.


If you play together with a Fae Trickster, immobilizing enemies will help get enemies off her back so she can perform her amazing damage output.


When a Knight without his ultimate is being heavily punished by enemies, immobilizing them will help the Knight get away for a few seconds while he regenerates HP or uses a health potion.


Whenever possible use Stasis Blade to avoid enemy ultimate attacks. These are easy to spot as the enemy will usually charge it for a few seconds.




The Neon Ninja is very good at what he does but is also fragile as he needs to be in the midst of battle with low survivability. He does make up for it with great maneuvers that keep the enemy at a distance and he is the only class in the game which disables enemies. Some people say that this class is the weakest out of all Trove classes, but in the right hands, and in the right situation this class could be a major team contributor.