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Introduction to the Dracolyte Class

When you play MMOs or other fantasy games, are you a fan of magic-casting classes? Do you like dragons? How about scorching people to death with a flamethrower? All these things and more are wrapped up into the Trove Dracolyte class. The Dracolyte class is available for 5,000 Cubits (earned in-game) or 1050 Credits (using real money) in the Trove store, and can also be obtained through buying the Hero or Voxstar Starter Packs. The Dracolyte is a short-to-mid-range caster class, able to deal immense Area of Effect (or “AoE”) damage. Compared to the Fae Trickster, the other current caster class, the Dracolyte is much more confrontational and wants to get up close to show off his AoE prowess.



  • Low skill cap, though a bit more complicated than the Knight or Candy Barbarian
  • Better survivability than the Gunslinger, Ninja, and Trickster who rely on abilities to survive
  • Great AoE damage
  • Has capped out Attack Speed through the basic attack – no need to put Attack Speed on him
  • You get an awesome dragon tail, a little drake familiar, and your staff is a flamethrower
  • You can transform into a dragon with your ultimate!



  • A Passive that’s completely useless 95% of the time
  • You always have to be up close to deal damage
  • Squishier than the Knight and Candy Barbarian and lacks built-in sustain


trove dracolyte class regular and transformed forms

My Dracolyte with Level 20 costume, both in normal form and dragon form.



Role of a Dracolyte


The Dracolyte is the king of AoE damage but is in an odd place due to his short range. Due to this, the Dracolyte is often right in the face of enemies and takes quite a bit of hits, requiring a decent health pool. But this also allows the Dracolyte to build more defensively into a tanking position if he chooses to.


As a solo player, you’ll want to focus on dishing out high AoE damage while still having enough health to take hits. Alternatively, with enough Jump, you can avoid quite a bit of damage, while still bringing out damage of your own, if you time the extra jumps properly (creating a sort of bounce-effect in mid-air, that allows you to get damage in, while avoiding damage from melee enemies). Having high Jump also lets you navigate trickier lairs and dungeons.


In a team, you can be a heavy AoE damage-dealer with the ability to tank to some degree. Since there are no taunt mechanics in this game and aggro seems to be fairly random, chances are you’ll be face-tanking at times whether you want to or not. That’s why Jump can be handy because you’ll be able to hop upward and avoid the majority of hits if enemies try to focus on you. But of course you’ll also want a lot of Maximum Health and Health Regeneration to boot. Regardless, AoE damage is what the Trove Dracolyte is primarily about, so get in there and light some things on fire! The more the merrier!



trove dracolyte class flamethrower in action

Flamethrowers are awesome.



Breakdown of Skills


[Passive] Firewalking:

Run swiftly through lava without being harmed (much).

trove dracolyte class firewalking skillThe damage you take in lava is pretty minimal, and you get +32 Movement Speed.  Sounds great, right?  Unfortunately, it really isn’t.  It’s ridiculously situational, and you’re still taking damage in the lava, even if it’s drastically reduced damage.  The movement speed is great for outrunning enemies, but how often do you run into lava while fighting enemies?  There are a few lairs, maybe one or two dungeons, and then one Shadow Arena where this can even be remotely useful – that’s it.  So, unfortunately, the Dracolyte has a pretty useless passive.  Fortunately, he makes up for it with his other abilities.


 [Active RMB] Spit Fire: 

Your familiar spits a fireball if he’s been charged up enough.

trove dracolyte class spit fire skillIn order to charge up the familiar, all you do is hit things with your LMB normal attack (aka your flamethrower).  Spit Fire adds an extra chunk of burst damage to your arsenal, whereas your flamethrower provides consistent AoE damage to anything within the flamethrower’s reach.   So while holding down LMB don’t forget to hit RMB off and on, because that extra damage helps!


[Active 1] Burnt Offering: 

Throws a Dragon Idol that must be hit 4 times to detonate.

trove dracolyte class burnt offering skillThis is an interesting ability that compliments the Dracolyte’s AoE damage.   When you use it, you’ll drop a small orange orb-like thing down on the ground.  Hitting it four times will cause it to explode, dealing massive AoE damage in a single burst.  It’s great for quickly clearing out crowds of enemies, though it is quite costly in the energy department.  You can stack these up multiple times, useful for starting off a Shadow Arena or Ominous Idol lair, but do note that they vanish after 20 seconds.  So at best you can maybe get four out if you’re lucky and have enough Energy Regeneration.

trove dracolyte class burnt offering skill in action

Burnt Offering (Active 1) and Burning Offering in action




[Active 2] Avatar of Flame: 

Transform into a living embodiment of draconic fury.

trove dracolyte class avatar of flame skill

This is the wonderful ultimate that turns you into a giant dragon.   While Avatar of Flame is active, you gain +200 Stability and +10 Movement Speed.  No other stat increases are shown on the character sheet, so it’s hard to tell if anything else is gained from it (like increased damage reduction or increased damage from your RMB and 1 abilities).  But the extra Stability lets you not get knocked back as hard (if at all) and the Movement Speed lets you move around slightly faster. Which is great if you’re backpedaling while attacking since it can reduce how often you are hit.   This really compliments  The duration of this form is 10 seconds with a 40 second cooldown (which begins once you activate the ability, so really you’re only waiting 30 seconds after your form runs out).


trove dracolyte class avatar of flame skill in action

Avatar of Flame transformation



Gearing Up


As a Dracolyte there are a good handful of stats that you’ll want to have to various degrees: Magic Damage, Maximum Health, Health Regeneration, Energy Regeneration, Jump, Stability, and Movement Speed.


trove dracolyte class stats


Here is a pretty weak example of what stats you should be working on. My gear is very much a work in progress, but with these stats I can at least solo Uber 3 content and survive Uber 4 content without too much trouble (and with several potions).


Maximum health is necessary for surviving hits, Health Regeneration is needed because we only have potions otherwise, Magic Damage is necessary because we need damage, and Energy Regeneration is good to have so we can re-use our Burnt Offerings more often and also make use of our jumps. Jump is great because we can’t tank as efficiently as Candy Barbarians or Knights, so we need to have a way to keep things on us while avoiding damage – Jump is the only real option there. Movement Speed and Stability are more optional, but Stability helps with not getting knocked back as hard, and Movement Speed lets you backpedal faster when you’re firing your flamethrower.


Gear-wise, you obviously want to get a full set of Shadow gear up to the maximum Forge level and have a fourth stat added to your Hat/Face/Weapon slots.  Ideally, here are the stats (which can be interchangeable of course) that you’ll want for each item:



  • Magic Damage
  • Maximum Health
  • Health Regeneration or Stability
  • Energy Regeneration



  • Maximum Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Maximum Health % or Magic Damage
  • Movement Speed or Jump



  • Maximum Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Jump or Energy Regeneration
  • Movement Speed or Stability



  • Magic Damage or Maximum Health
  • Whatever you want as the secondary (Jump, Health Regen, Energy Regen, or Movement Speed probably)



Ultimately, focus on whichever stats fit how you want to play your Dracolyte – if you wish to be more of a tank, focus on more Maximum Health, Health Regeneration, Stability, and Movement Speed.  If you want to dish out more damage, then Magic Damage, Energy Regeneration, and Jump are really useful.  But still, make sure to keep up your HP regardless, because you don’t want to be killed in just a few short hits.



Combat Guidelines


Trove Dracolyte class is pretty straightforward as far as combat goes. Try and group everything up so your flamethrower hits them, and then just hold down LMB and hit RMB every few seconds. Try to throw down a Burnt Offering in the middle of everything so you can just keep firing away with your flamethrower and explode it for a huge burst of damage to everything caught in the explosion. Make sure that while you’re attacking to always move backward if you’re being focused.


The main time to use your ultimate, Avatar of Flame, is when you’re being focused on by a boss or large enough crowd of enemies (such as when you’re doing a Shadow Arena). When in dragon form the strategy is exactly the same – hold down LMB and backpedal while frequently hitting RMB and then using your 1 to cause mass AoE damage.


Also, if you have enough of the Jump stat, one great trick is to sort of bunny hop in mid-air while holding down LMB. If you can do it right, you’ll be able to avoid most damage while still delivering most of yours to the enemy. It’s especially useful when fighting larger bosses like the Shadow Arena boss. But in general, using Jump to avoid charge-up attacks is also highly advised because those can hurt quite a bit otherwise. And when you’re up in the air, you’ll be regenerating some health, so it saves you potions.


That’s about all there is to the Dracolyte – LMB and RMB while backpedaling. Ultimate when you’re focused by a boss or have too many enemies on you, and 1 when you can properly align it to deal major AoE damage to enemies. Jump or bunny-hop if you’re low on health and/or want to avoid hits.





Overall, the Dracolyte is a pretty fun class to try out and sort of sits between the other classes in terms of its capabilities. Unlike the Gunslinger and Fae Trickster, it doesn’t do heavy damage from afar while having escape abilities to keep a distance. Unlike the Neon Ninja though, it doesn’t need to rely on hit-and-run tactics when fighting up close. But also, unlike the Candy Barbarian and Knight, it can’t just soak up damage all day without chugging potions or retreating to regenerate health. The trade-offs are that it gets amazing AoE damage compared to any other class (save for possibly the Candy Barbarian’s spin attack) and has some pretty cool graphical effects as well.

If you find the Knight boring, the Candy Barbarian too easy, and the other three classes too complicated/frustrating to play, then Dracolyte may be the perfect class for you to check out. It’s a great class for lovers of flamethrowers, tranforming into a dragon, and exploding things.


This guide is up-to-date as of 11/26/2014