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Do you enjoy high damage classes? Do you enjoy being able to solo high HP bosses without using a single potion? Do you also enjoy doing that while also being long-ranged? The Fae Trickster is notorious for doing all of that. The Fae Trickster’s single target DPS is unmatched and deadly to any mob that comes close expecting to find an innocent little fae to munch on. Long ranged attacks, tons of damage and 3 abilities based on kiting and juking, allowing for a very high and rewarding skill cap that you will love!


  • Extremely high skill cap
  • Built around infinite survivability
  • Fun to play with
  • Highest single-target sustained DPS(Damage per second)


  • Hard to deal with large groups of mobs
  • Requires good gear and stats
  • Requires practice
  • Mistakes are more punishing than other classes



Role of a Fae Trickster



When soloing, do NOT stress too much about your passive, you WILL be getting hit by ranged mobs most of the time. Instead, you want to have max energy regen on your gear(at least 160-180 energy regen), so when encountering dungeons/raids with multiple enemies, you can just spam the heck out of your low mana-costing Glitterbomb to deal AOE damage(make sure to still use your clones to soak up damage)

For your build, you want to still go full glass cannon with magic damage, attack speed and energy regen but also get some health regen, so if you accidently get hit, your health will regen back up again.

SAFESPOTTING TIP: when in dungeons/raids without any ranged mobs, create a 3-5 high pillar and fire at the mobs below, they won’t be able to get to you


In a group, you will always have someone else tanking the mob aggro so you do not have to worry about getting attacked and dropping your passive. As long as you are on a ledge or a pillar away from the action, just let your long ranged auto attacks do work and throw out the occasional glitterbomb for AOE damage if mobs are grouped up. It is suggested that you have at least 1 item(usually weapon or ring) that has have the jump stat so when going through biomes with heaps of platform dungeons(eg data spires) you will reach the action quickly instead of wasting time (being in a group is all about efficiency)

Breakdown of skills

trove fae trickster class skills



[Passive] Ego Blast:

Charges basic attacks if no damage was taken recently.

Believe it or not, the Fae’s passive is the most important ability to utilize, while active, your auto-attacks deal massive damage around that of a Glitter Bomb. Combined with high attack speed, this is what much makes this class’s single target DPS unmatched. Note that if your passive is inactive, your auto-attacks will deal significantly lower damage.

trove fae trickster passive ego blast skill

Colored ring that appears around your character when the status of your passive is changed

trove fae trickster passive ego blast skill inactive

Fae’s Unempowered Auto-attack

trove fae trickster passive ego blast skill active

Fae’s Empowered Auto-attack



[Active RMB] Blink:

Teleport forward, leaving a decoy behind.

trove fae trickster blink skillThis unique ability gives the Fae it’s survivability. When used, your character is teleported towards the location you are pointing at and a decoy appears at your original location. All mobs that were aggressed onto you will attack your decoy instead.

TIP: you can decoy away from mob charge-up abilities to completely avoid them


[Active 1] Glitterbomb:

Throw a shiny bomb which deals moderate area damage.

trove fae trickster glitterbomb skill

This ability allows the Fae to deal decent AOE(Area of effect) damage and to kite. The knockback combined with ridiculously low energy costs on this ability allows for melee mobs to never get close enough to touch you. This ability can also be used to mine, throw several of these at some ores and they should break.

trove fae trickster glitterbomb skill active

A Glitterbomb getting thrown


[Active 2] Faerie Dance:

Summon 3 dancing and shooting staves to attack your enemies.

trove fae trickster faerie dance skill

Fae’s main assets, survivability and damage rolled into one ability. When used, you will summon three staves that deal the same damage as your empowered auto attacks but attacks slower. What most people don’t know is that these staves also act as a decoy, giving you further survivability. This ability also has quite a short cool-down so don’t be afraid to use it at every lair or dungeon you encounter!

trove fae trickster faerie dance skill active

3 Staves summoned by a fae



Gearing up

As mentioned earlier, high forged gear with important stats are key to play the Fae to the maximum as you are to be built glass cannon. There are 3 main stats that are important, Magic Damage, Energy Regen and Attack speed

Main Stats:

Magic Damage:

This is key as fae’s abilities and auto attacks scale off magic damage.

Energy Regen:

Fae’s abilities have very small mana costs, therefore having high energy regen allows you to spam your Blink for decoys and to throw more glitterbombs for more damage and survivability.

Attack Speed:

Attack speed is the reason why fae has high single target DPS. As your passive boosts auto-attack damage, it means that having higher attack speed allows you to fire more auto attacks, utilizing your passive to it’s max potential.



Secondary Stats(not as important):


This stat is reasonably important in Shadow Arena’s, as a squishy fae you want to avoid all damage and jump is the counter to teleporting mobs so this is a must if you don’t have low ping and high reflexes to instantly Blink away.


Knockback is fine for soloing, your auto attacks will push enemies back so you can kite them easier. But the problem with this lies within grouping and Shadow Arenas, your knockback is very irritating to melee classes and will lower their DPS as the mobs will get pushed away from them.

Health regen:

Health regen is good if you are constantly making mistakes and taking a few hits to the face here and there and gives you some breathing room to heal up. This isn’t very important though as being a fae, you have enough utilities to avoid damage so you should practice till you perfect.



  • Magic Damage
  • Energy Regen
  • Attack Speed
  • Hp Regen

trove fae trickster staff stats



  • Max HP
  • Hp Regen
  • Attack Speed
  • Jump

trove fae trickster hat stats


  • Magic Damage
  • Max HP
  • Hp Regen/Energy Regen
  • Attack Speed

trove fae trickster face stats


  • Magic Damage
  • Energy Regen/Jump

trove fae trickster ring stats

Optimal Build

My Build has enough energy regen, attack speed, hp regen, magic damage and jump which allows it to be optimally useful in solo, group or Shadow Arena with no problem;

Combat guidelines

The Fae Trickster sure is fun. You are able to duplicate yourself, summon magical staves and knock away enemies into space but this requires your constant attention of your surrounds and enemies. Whether you are fighting in an open field or a dusty dungeon room with no air-conditioning, you must be constantly aware of who you are fighting. If you see a robot charging up a punch, Blink away and leave it confused as it smashes through a veil of colored dust. If you see a power plant charging up a spin, Glitterbomb it’s backside to the other end of the room and get a few extra auto attacks on the silly creature. You must be smart as a Fae Trickster, you must synergise your auto attacks with your abilities if you wish to leave battle unscathed.

As a Fae Trickster, you want to focus on hitting your auto attacks and surviving. You have 3 abilities that all help you survive and not one of these abilities cost more than a small amount of energy. If you have high energy regen, you’ve also already defeated your toughest competitor, grouped mobs. Your Glitterbombs are your friends(and enemies to mobs!) so simple Blink and spam your bombs as they mobs are hunched over the carcass of your clone.


The Fae Trickster is a very rewarding class, if you learn the in’s and out’s of this high skill-cap/high DPS class you will be an absolute monster, I guarantee it! What I enjoy about this class is how it isn’t as boring as the other ‘hold right mouse button’ classes, the Fae Trickster requires you to be adaptive EG) You want to be aware of what you are fighting; “does this boss have teleport?” if not, build a pillar and safespot.” Am I able to use a Glitterbomb and have enough energy to Blink to the side?” you will need to think and realize these things to become a great Fae Trickster.

The class challenges you with it’s unique mechanics and is different in every single way, so if you’re looking for a fun high damage class, the Fae is the way to go!