Closed Beta is Coming Sept. 25!


Voxel by voxel, feature by feature, the dev team has been putting the finishing touches on a massive Trove Closed Beta that we’re proud announce kicks off September 25, 2014!

In the meantime: everyone who supports Trove before Sept. 25 will get guaranteed access to Closed Beta plus all 13 tiers of Bonus Supporter Rewards including a Raptor Pet, Trove sword, three masks, 50% Bonus Credits, and a free unlock for the Dracolyte class!

The catch? You can only lock in your Bonus Supporter Rewards before the start of Closed Beta. After Sept. 25 they’ll be gone forever – so don’t miss out!

Already playing? Check out the latest world wonders created by Trove players and stay tuned for details on Beta in the weeks to come!