At first glance, Trove’s crafting might seem like a lot to take in. Whether you’re a veteran Trovian or you just started playing in Open Beta, we all had to learn how to craft at some point. This guide was written to help alleviate any confusion players may have with crafting and get you constructing items in no time!


Taking your first step into crafting is easy! But before you can begin, you’re going to need a Crafting Bench. Making one is easy, just simply hit the “V” key! What comes up will be a mini-crafting menu. Here you can craft basic things like Bombs, Origin Portal Potions, and other consumables. What you’re looking for here is the “Crafting Bench.” It’s going to cost a few Shapestone (20) which can be found fairly easily, just keep an eye out for the purple looking ores!


Once you’ve created and placed your Crafting Bench in your cornerstone or homeworld, you will then get access to a much larger section of crafting recipes. When using the Crafting Bench, you can see the recipes divided into several categories.
These categories are:


“Start Here”


Which contains basic tools that you will often use. These include things like your “Workbench” and “Cube Converter” which you will end up using if you ever want to decorate your cornerstone or homeworld, “Personal Chest” which helps clear up some clutter from your inventory and the “Deconstructor” which breaks down old equipment into materials.




With the profession benches “Gardening Bench,” and “Ringcrafting Bench,” you can create rings and plant crops. Professions cost a lot of materials to master but yield a lot of Mastery Points and some useful items.





Here you can find some more useful benches that expand on the previous benches found in “Start Here.” The Advanced forge unlocks the option to add new stats or increase the rarity of your items while the Chaos Forge lets you completely redo all the stats and values of your item. The Style Saver is particularly useful in the fact that any items you find can be broken down into Mastery Points while also saving the style. What this means is if you find a stylish looking sword but its stats aren’t as good as your current sword, you can toss it in the Style Saver then apply that Style to your currently equipped, better sword. You can keep the looks of 1 item and the stats of another. The other bench found in this category is the “Fun Factory” which lets you create fun little consumables instrument blocks!





Under Advanced you’ll find the Utility tab. Here you can craft items that let you refill your flasks, change your class, and change your appearance!




The portals tab lets you create portals, much like the ones you find in the hub. The only difference is that you can craft Uber 2-5 portals and a hub portal which takes you back to hub! All of the recipes in this tab cost Warpseed which can be acquired from pretty much just playing the game. You find it from doing dungeons, killing mobs, and even cutting grass! Each subsequent portal will cost an increasing amount of Warpseed.




Here you can craft fast (90 movement speed) mounts! These all require a lot of materials as well as “Steed Feed” which can be obtained from the Gardening Bench. If you need a nicer looking mount or even a faster one compared to the 500 Cubit mounts in the (N) store, this is the place to get them!


“Club World”


The final tab in the Workbench are all Club World relates recipes. If you want to start your own club world, this is the place to be! Start with the “Club Card” which will let you create the club and pick its name. From here, you can open up the Club Menu with “P” and go to your Clubs Homeworld. If you need to expand your Clubworld’s land, craft the “Worldspring” bench. In the Worldspring, you need to create “Infinity Frames” before you can get the actual terraformer tool which adds an entire biome onto your homeworld. The “Portal Bench” lets you create a portal leading to your clubs homeworld which can then be given to other players to place in their clubs!


Besides the Crafting Bench, the “Cube Converter” and “Workbench” will be your other 2 main crafting benches. In these, you will notice that a lot of the recipes are locked. (Represented by the white scrolls) In order to unlock these recipes, you need to be on the look out for special “Recipe Dungeons” which can easily be identified by the large scroll hovering over the dungeon, much like the big red X over completed dungeons. At these Recipe Dungeons, you will encounter Shadow Guards outside the dungeon and the Shadow Crawler boss in the dungeons depths. When defeated, a Scroll will spawn instead of a chest that when broken will give you a recipe related to the biome that Recipe Dungeon is in. Inside the Workbench, all the recipes are separated into their own respected biome categories. You will only find these recipes at Recipe Dungeons inside that biome.


The Cube Converter is almost identical to the Workbench in the sense of unlocking recipes. However, these are acquired a little differently. You will only find Cube Converter recipes in special “Recipe Blocks” which can be found while mining. These blocks will look brown-ish with markings on their sides. When broken, they will yield a Glowing block, Glass, or Metallic recipe!


Crafting will become a very important part of your Trove experience. Taking those first steps can be hard but soon enough you’ll know all the ins and outs of Trove’s Crafting! With all the workbenches recipes conveniently separated into easy to find categories, you will soon find out the only hard part about crafting will be gathering all its required resources!