Crafting Material

There are a lot of different resources in Trove. Hopefully this guide will help you understand the uses as well as where to obtain certain resources you may be looking for! Whether it be Mining or Gathering, this will cover all available resources you may stumble upon in Trove!


trove shapestone crafting material

This Purple Ore is Everywhere

Shapestone is the quickest ore to mine and can be found in every single biome as well as the hub world. It looks like purple-ish ore. The most efficient way to gather loads of Shapestone is to go mining in hub worlds. Because Shapestone is the only resource found there besides the occasional Primordial Flame or Golden Soul, it is very abundant.
Since just about all recipes require Shapestone as a component, including the vast majority of crafted decorations, it is a good idea to mine any veins you find while adventuring to make sure you always have enough to create items, whatever they may be.


trove infinium ore crafting material




Another important resource is Infinium. Infinium looks similar to Shapestone and other ores but is gold or yellow in color. It’s found more rarely compared to Shapestone and also takes longer to mine. It is a key component to Uber portals, club world expansions, and glowing blocks.




trove formicite ore crafting material





Formicite is the ore in between Shapestone and Infinium. Similar to Shapestone and other ores, it is a blue color or Icey color. Unless you need to craft things like glass, you won’t really need too much Formicite. A handful of recipes also use Formicite as a component as well as instrument blocks.



Primordial Flames

trove primordial flame crafting material





Besides the 3 main ores, you might also find reddish orange looking veins. These are Primordial Flames and are required for crafting bombs and light sources. If you want to light up your cornerstone or blow holes through dungeons, you’ll need some Primordial Flames. The best place to find this resource is the Dragonfire Peaks biome.





Glacial Shards

trove glacial shards crafting material




Glacial shards are a whitish clear colored ore, found mostly in the Tundra biome. The veins for Glacial Shards could be quite spread out unlike something like Shapestone that is, for the most part, all connected. This mineral is most commonly used for creating Face of Flow’s which spew out water in the direction they are facing. Otherwise, you usually won’t need them for much.





Golden Souls

trove golden soul crafting material



Besides the typical minerals you find while mining in Trove, you might also stumble upon special ores. Golden Souls, which look like golden blocks with a face on them, are sometimes found but unless you need to craft a trading post or other club related things such as club chests, you won’t really need them.



Somber Souls

trove somber soul crafting material





Another resource called Somber Souls are black and white with a sort of skull on its sides. Found most commonly in the Undead Hills biome, these are most commonly used to craft the Zombie Pemblock and Skully mounts.




Recipe Blocks

trove recipe block crafting material




There are also special blocks called Recipe Blocks that are very rarely found near ore veins. These are brownish blocks that stand out fairly well from your average primal blocks. When minded, these will drop block recipes such as recipes for glass, glowing blocks, and metallic blocks. Any nearby players will also get the recipe so if you find one you can bring your friends!



Warp Seed

Warpseed is the bread and butter ingredient for things like Gardening and making portals. You get it from pretty much just playing the game.. Killing mobs, completeing dungeons, and even cutting grass! If you ever plan on adventuring deeper into the Uber worlds, you’re gonna need a lot of this stuff to craft the portals!


Enchanted Wood

trove enchanted wood crafting material




These magical logs can be found in any biome that has trees! They look like little tree stumps with some sort of magic stuff in the center of the stump. To gather them, simply destroy them like a plant or some grass. They are primarily used in certain decoration recipes and are also used to craft the Mag Rider!




Mushroom Chunk

trove mushroom crafting material



Mushroom chunks are found pretty much anywhere, but primarily in caves. They are seen as big red mushrooms in the Deep Forest biome and as a big Purple mushroom in the Undead Hills biome. Most of them however, will again, be found in caves. When broken, they come in quantities of 1-2. They are primarily used as a gardening ingredient and recently as a core component for the Mushroom Mount!





trove bottle crafting material

Bottles, similar to Enchanted Wood and Mushroom Chunks, can simply be found growing out of the ground like a plant. They look like big white or clear bottles with leaves growing out of the base of them. Bottles can be used to craft Origin Potions or more commonly used for Infinium Frames which are used to expand the land in your club world!


Bleached Bone

trove bleached bone crafting material



Bleached Bones are an ingredient found primarily from killing undead mobs. You can also find them in plant form growing in the Desert or Wasteland biome, as well as the Dragonfire Peaks biome. In plant form, they look like a pile of bones with a skull. These are used for some decoration recipes but more commonly for crafting the Skully or Zombie Pemblock mounts!




Sticky Ichor

Sticky Ichor can be found as a drop from killing bugs such as Wasp spiders or just.. normal spiders. Unless you need to craft something like the Mushroom mount which requires some Sticky Ichor, you won’t really need too much of this stuff. And since it’s also pretty common, you may not even have to go out of your way collecting it if you ever need to use some.



Robotic Salvage

Robotic Salvage is found as a drop, similar to Sticky Ichor, except it drops much more scarcely. You will find this resource from killing robots in the Data Spires biome, but can also be found from killing Punch Bots in other biomes like the Frozen Tundra, or Desert. You use Robotic Salvage to craft the Pwn-E mounts, for Neon City related recipes as well as Neon City related plants!



Wild Cupcake

Wild Cupcakes can be found growing in the Frozen Tundra biome or more recently, in the Candy biome as well as looted off of the candy biome mobs! You can also grow Wild Cupcakes if your gardening level is high enough. These can be used to craft some decoration recipes like Glowy Gumdrops or to craft the Mag Rider!



Forging Materials


Eyes of Q’bthulu

Eyes of Q’bthulu or simply “eyes” for short, are found from deconstructing high rarity equipment such as Rainbow and Shadow rarity. These can be used in the Chaos Forge to reroll the stats on a piece of equipment. What this means is, you can potentially get much higher stats on your gear if you’re lucky. But since it doesn’t change the stats unless you click “Lock,” it is also pretty safe!



Tentacles of Q’bthulu

Tentacles of Q’bthulu can be looted from certain chests in high Uber worlds, found as drops from the Dream Monster in the Shadow Arena, or found from deconstructing Shadow rarity equipment. These serve a similar purpose as eyes, but instead of rerolling the values of your stats, you get to reroll the stats themselves! These can be used to get the perfect types of stats on each piece of equipment and again, are very safe since it only changes if you click “Lock.”


Pearl of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom can be found very rarely as drops or bought from the “N” store for Credits of Cubits. These can be used in the Advanced Forge to add a 4th stat to your equipment! Once you use one of these on a piece of gear, the stat as well as the values could be changed by throwing the gear in the Chaos Forge and using Eyes or Tentacles on it to get the perfect set of Stats you want!



Twinkling Tome

Twinkling Tomes can be bought from the “N” store with Cubits or Credits. These magical tomes can be used in the Advanced Forge to lower the required level of a piece of equipment. However, since level 10 is the highest required level for equipment and it also doesn’t take too long to reach, Twinkling Tomes usually aren’t too useful.



Perfect Prism

On the other hand.. Perfect Prisms are very useful, as they will upgrade the rarity of your equipment! Found rarely from Invaders or bought from the “N” store with Cubits or Credits, these can be used in the Advanced Forge to 1 up the rarity on a piece of gear. Find a nice item with the exact stats you want but it’s not of Shadow Rarity? No problem! Simply use a Perfect Prism on it and turn it into a Shadow item! Highly recommend only using these on Rainbow items!




Flux can be found from deconstructing equipment in the Deconstructor or from defeating Invaders! Flux is also used as the unofficial currency in the game so it can also be obtained from selling items to players or used as buying items from players. It can also be used for Ring Crafting as well as all Forging, including the Advanced Forge and Chaos Forge!