Up until rather recently, Shapestone has been a pretty commodity sitting in everyone’s inventory by the thousands – not selling for anything and just being gathered with Primordial Flame when we saw it. Then the Ringcrafting update came, and people were spending all of this Shapestone to create rings by the hundreds. Now that it holds some value, people are trying to understand how it is to get enough of this pink rock to function.





So how can you get more Shapestone and where is the best place to find it?


Collecting Shapestone isn’t as hard as it may seem – especially if you’re leveling in higher tiers already, because the stuff is like water in Novice and Adept (the green and blue Adventure Portals). There are two biomes you need to watch out for when you’re looking for Shapestone – the Undead biome (named Cursed Vale and Viking Burial Grounds), and the Dragon biome (named Dragonfire Peaks and Volcanic Fields). Specifically, Cursed Vale and Volcanic Fields will yield the most loot because they seem to have generation properties that the other does not.




For example, caves are much more common in Cursed Vale and the ore will spawn en masse, and the Volcanic Fields have a location – which from here on will be referred to as the “underbelly” of the zone, which contains large amounts of resources which can be harvested almost without retaliation by the creatures of the environment.


trove shapestone cursed vale entrance

A screenshot of the Cursed Vale caves that contain a lot of Shapestone.



trove shapestone volcanic fields entrance

An entrance into the underbelly of the Volcanic Fields


The underbelly and the Cursed Vale are the best places, hands down to get ores. However, the ore that spawns seems to depend on your Adventure Portal level. As mentioned above, Novice and Adept are the best Portals to go through for farming Shapestone, because Volcanic Fields cannot generate in Novice.


trove shapestone volcanic fields underbelly entrance

Volcanic Fields – a hint at the amount of lava contained – spawns in Adept and higher.


The only major problem in Volcanic Fields is that the underbelly is as loaded with lava as the surface is with creatures. You have to be careful in your step when you traverse the underbelly because you may find yourself in a pit of lava, so if you need the extra help, I would go in as Dracolyte.

When you go mining, make sure you equip Diggsly as a pet (if you have one). This will make mining process much easier.

In conclusion – Shapestone is much more useful since the Ringcrafting update, and farming it isn’t nearly as daunting a task as it may seem to be, in fact, the material may be selling for too much because of its ease of attainment.