Trove as a whole will seem daunting to the new player. There’s a lot going on since launch – a slew of mounts to craft, classes to unlock, a shop that seems to stretch to infinity. Players always ask in World, “What can I do to rank up my Mastery? I want <reward>”. Hopefully this guide will be comprehensive enough for both the beginners and the ones scraping around for Mastery points, which will begin with the things you can do for free, then spending money if you so desire.


Why You Should Care?

To put everything in perspective, this is what you are going to get when you max out your mastery level:

  • + 30% Damage
  • + 30% Maximum Health
  • 12,000 Cubits
  • 1,900 Credits
  • + 50 Lasermancy
  • + 100% Crafting Speed
  • + 5 Flask Capacity
  • + 2 Chaos Factor

If you think it is a worthy reward, then keep reading. I will explain what you should do to gain ranks as fast as possible!


What is Mastery?


First, let’s begin with how Mastery works. One level of Mastery is 100 points. This is a static value, whether you’re level 1 or level 199. Up to Mastery 100, you will receive frequent rewards, from Credits and Cubits, to a couple Mounts, and at Mastery 100, one Chaos Factor, which will award you one Chaos Chest every day that you log in. You will gain a second Chaos Factor for maintaining maximum Mastery Level (at time of writing, is 200.) Now we’ll discuss the ways to gather the points that will get you to this level of Mastery.



Free Ways


Unlock Styles


Styles. For a new player, this is one of the easier manners. Each Style you deconstruct is one Mastery Point, with the exception of full-on Helmets, such as the Pin Head line and other Helmets like the Dark Hood, which grant ten. A new player will almost always run into a wide variety of styles that they aren’t using, so they should deconstruct these if they’re not in use on one of their characters. Weapons are kind of strange here, though, since you will only see weapons your class can use, so you’ll have to flip between classes a few times to get them all.



Leveling Up


Next, simply leveling your class. One class, from levels one to 20, will grant 400 Mastery Points, or 4 levels. The quickest manner of doing this, in my practice, was to knock out the classes you liked least first, so you can have some fun finishing up. This will also allow you to start getting access to the next topic on this list.


Unlock Allies


By unlocking new allies you will get mastery points as well. There are 3 types of allies in the game: common, uncommon and rare. Unlocking common ally will get you 10 mastery points, uncommon will get you 20 mastery points, and rare will get you 50 points.



Master Professions


One of the most lucrative, but also time consuming in most cases, methods of collecting Mastery is for you to level up Professions. There are five tiers, split into 50 points per tier before the next level, with each tier rewarding 75 points at the 50th point. The three professions; Gardening, Runecrafting, and Ringcrafting, are all very resource intensive, but award nearly 12 Mastery levels for finishing all three.



Go Fishing


A sort-of profession option as well, is Fishing. While not a full-fledged Profession, you are able to gather a rather noticeable amount of Mastery from collecting all the Fish. 5 points for a Common, 10 for an Uncommon, and 25 for the Rares, this will net you a total of 915 Mastery points.




Dragon Challenges


Dragon Challenges. These Dragons, especially with the “rework” coming to the system with the Neon Dragon, will award a large amount of Points. The current system totals 420 Points for all 40 Souls, but this will change because there are more rewards. This means that getting characters geared up for Uber 6 is very important, as it will allow you access to that coveted 27x point bonus.

Unlock Mounts


Backing up a bit, another method is Mounts. Mounts, with the exception of Dragon lines, will grant 50 Points each. This kind of also ties with Style farming, since on your quest for crafting a Mount (or finding one), you can also gather up a whole range of new styles. Some Mounts will require another Mount to craft (Pemblock and Meownt lines, as well as PWN-E), so youll need to do even more questing and adventuring to find those.



Bordering on the line between free and paid is Flasks. These enhance your Flask, giving you the ability to gain invulnerability, or double your damage, or triple your base Charges, these Emblems and Flasks enable you to customize your playstyle even further than the gear you build.


Now, this is where most players would stop. Mastery 200 can be acquired easily enough with these methods. But some players are willing to spend money to get pushed over 200, or to get it faster. Whatever the motive, there are more methods that aren’t as easily accessible.


Most of these methods mesh with the free-to-earn ones above, but they are quicker. Credit Mounts which look cooler (in some cases) from the free ones, Style Surprises to get a quick jump on some Styles you may be missing, things like that. There are some Store-exclusives though, that can either be acquired there, or trading.


Paid Ways


Buy Costumes


Costumes is the first truly paid method. These award between 25 and 50 points per Costume, depending on the quality and what they award. Some give just a Costume, which alters your base model (excluding Styles), while a few offer a Costume, Helmet, and a weapon Style. This is made clear in the description, and the cost, as the ones that offer a full suite will cost more.

Buy Wings and Boats


You have access to a special pair of Wings, which award 100 Mastery Points, as well as a couple of Boats, which award 120 Points when paired with the Sail they award on top of it. These boats tend to have a higher speed stat, but take a hit in Turning and Acceleration, as they are both Galleon type ships.

Buy Mag Riders


Mag Riders. These are an interesting one. There are a few Mag Riders that you can craft, but a lot of them are bought. So while you aren’t inhibited from a Mag Rider as a free player, you are limited in your options. For example, a favorite in the community, the Dance Pad only shows up in the store for Credits. All Mag Riders award 50 Points.



And of course, all of the things in the Store can be obtained by talking to the community. People always are giving away things, trading, selling, etc. these freemium items, and while it is more time consuming, if you’re set on being a free player, that’s your best route of acquiring these things.





In summary, here are the ways listed above for you to gain Mastery points:


  • Styles – 1 point per Style, or 10 for Helmets.
  • Leveling your classes – 15 points per level, plus costumes, and 125 points at level 20, for 400 points total.
  • Allies – 10 points for common, 20 for uncommon and 50 for rare.
  • Professions – 1125 points for maxing all 3, 75 points per tier.
  • Fishing – 5 for Common, 10 for Uncommon, 25 for Rare
  • Dragon Challenges – 420 points for maxing the Azorian Dragon, even more with the Neon Dragon
  • Mounts – 50 points per Mount
  • Flasks – 25 points per Flask, and 25 per Emblem
  • Costumes – 25 for basic Costumes, all the way up to 50 for the most advanced.
  • Wings (crafted, bought or found) – 100 points per pair (excluding Mastery awards)
  • Mag Riders – 50 per Mag Rider.