Professions in Trove are fairly simple and yet provide some really useful items.  Both professions are leveled in similar ways and require a hefty amount of materials to max out, but the rewards are quite nice by the end of it.

Getting Started with Professions

Professions in Trove are fairly simple and yet provide some really useful items.  Both professions are leveled in similar ways (crafting an item in the highest tier you have available will increase that profession’s level by one point; you move up a tier every fifty levels) and require a hefty amount of materials to max out, but the rewards are quite nice by the end of it. With Gardening you can eventually start growing certain resources like Enchanted Logs, Cupcakes, and most importantly Steed Feed, a necessary resource for the various mounts that you can craft in the game.  With Ring Crafting you can boost your classes’ stats further by crafting rings that finally make use of that previously unused ring slot.    So, how does one get to working on these professions?


trove crafting screen

Workbench Professions


First off, you’ll need to head to your workbench and craft the appropriate tables for each profession.  You’ll find them under the Professions section on your Workbench UI.   For info on where to find the materials to craft both benches, check out the Farming Tips section under the respective professions.



Gardening Overview

Gardening is pretty much a side Trove profession that doesn’t have any impact on gameplay itself in comparison to Ring Crafting, where the stats you get off of Rings are extremely beneficial and necessary for progressing into the later Uber Worlds at level 10+.   Leveling Gardening to 250 does give you Mastery points though, and you can grow various plants that are used for different things, namely Steed Feed for crafting certain mounts.  Ultimately though, Gardening is mostly used for crafting cosmetic plants that make your Cornerstone or Club House look pretty.  Hitting 250 Gardening isn’t necessary in order to get access to the Steed Feed tier, but you do get access to a few different colorful plants at 250 as well as the extra Mastery points for maxing your Gardening profession.


Material Farming Tips for Gardening

Sunlight Bulbs

Trove Sunflower Shrines

Sunflower Shrines


You will need a ton of these, and there is only one area to find them: Sunflower Shrines.  You’ll find these throughout the Peaceful Hills zones, and Outposts of Light can occasionally have them as well.   These have a few hundred bulbs per shrine, and there are a few different layouts to where you’ll want to scour them completely inside-and-out.  For farming these, I use a Dracolyte with plenty of Jump.  Fae Trickster would probably work too by using Glitter Bombs, and Gunslinger is also useful for farming these with his Charged Shot + Blast Jump.




You get these mostly by killing enemies, but you can also get some from cutting grass/flowers/other random plants.   So if you’re out adventuring or farming places you should naturally acquire quite a bit of these over time.


Rich Fertilizer

This is what your Unripe Compost Heaps turn into.  You’ll need this for most Gardening crafts.


Mushroom Chunks

Found by breaking mushrooms and killing mushroom men.  The Cursed Vale (aka Haunted Forest) biome usually has quite a few mushrooms around it, so that’s where I tend to go for farming these.


Ores and Primordial Flames

See the Ring Crafting material farming tips section for more depth on Shapestone and Primordial Flames, but you should find plenty of ore veins while roaming adventure worlds.


Robotic Salvage

These are only found by killing robotic enemies.  Find a Neon City (futuristic look) and destroy everything in sight.  The drop rates are pretty crummy but there’s sadly no other way to obtain them right now.


Glacial Shard

Head to a Permafrost (snow) biome and look for the white-ish ore blocks.  It’s really easy to get an abundance of shards from these.


Faerie Dust

Find a Fae Wilds biome (dark green forest) and start killing everything there.


Enchanted Wood

Break the wooden stumps you occasionally see to get these.  They seem to be most common in the Fae Wilds and Cursed Vale biomes.


Bleached Bone

Found by breaking bone piles in the Dragonfire Peaks biome or by defeating skeletal monsters.  If you want to farm them more passively, find a Dragonfire Peaks biome and just run around breaking any bone pile that you see (they stand out very noticeably).  If you want to farm them more efficiently, head to a Cursed Vale biome and take out all of the skeletal enemies that you see.  The drop rate is pretty annoying but not as horrible as trying to farm Robotic Salvage.


Somber Soul

Found in the Cursed Vale, usually inside random ore veins.  If you ever see a block with what looks like a ghost’s face on it, break it open with your mining laser.


Gardening Leveling 1-250

This will be a quick and easy list of what to focus on crafting in order to efficiently get to level 250 Gardening, and how much materials you’ll need for each thing.   While it requires a lot of Sunlight Bulbs and Rich Fertilizer, it’s the least complicated path and ignores certain areas like the crafts requiring Robotic Salvage.


Total Materials Needed for leveling 1-250

  • 5000 Sunlight Bulbs
  • 1280 Warpseed
  • 400 Mushroom Chunks
  • 250 Primordial Flame
  • 50 Glacial Shards


Levels 1-50

  • FIRST: Sponge x80 – (160 Mushroom Chunks, 240 Warpseed)
  • THEN: Unripe Compost Heap x80 – (80 Water, 240 Mushroom Chunks, 1040 Warpseed)
  • Note: You won’t gain Gardening levels past crafting 50 sponges, but you need a ton of fertilizer so this is just a preparation step for later levels. To gather water, find some water and use your sponges on the water after setting the sponges to one of your consumable keys (Q, R, and T by default).


Levels 51-100

  • Crunchy Carrot Seeds x 50 – (50 Rich Fertilizer, 1250 Sunlight Bulbs)
  • Note: A handful of other seeds require the exact same materials in this tier, so if you wish to craft those instead, go for it. These plants serve no purpose beyond looks, or you can break them for occasional warpseeds.


Levels 101-150

  • Festooned Tree Cone – (50 Rich Fertilizer, 1250 Sunlight Bulbs, 50 Glacial Shards)


Levels 151-200

  • Shady Shroom Spores – (150 Rich Fertilizer, 750 Sunlight Bulbs)
  • Note: Oddly super inexpensive compared to other stuff in this tier and from earlier tiers. Make sure to plant these in a completely dark room if you wish to grow and harvest them for mushroom chunks. If you want to, you could craft Steed Feed instead (used for crafting mounts), though that requires considerably more Fertilizer and Bulbs (250 Fertilizer and 1750 Bulbs).


Levels 201-250

  • Bottle Seed x 50 – (150 Rich Fertilizer, 1750 Sunlight Bulbs, 250 Primordial Flame)
  • Note: This tier sucks. Bottle Seeds are by far the least painful unless you manage to farm a boat-load of Faerie Dust for the Enchanted Stump Seeds. But once you get done with this, you’re free to craft whatever you want with your 250 Gardening, woo-hoo!


You can check more in-depth Trove Gardening Guide for more info.


Ring Crafting

Ring Crafting Overview

Rings in Trove are fairly simple – all they do (as of right now) is give you additional stats in two areas.  Much like the other item slots, rings have different item qualities ranging from the level 1 Green rings to the level 10+ Shadow rings.  Rings aren’t exactly necessary for progression right off the bat, but they’re still helpful while leveling and they do become very important at Uber 3 and above, where those extra stats are vital to helping you kill and survive against the tougher enemies found in Uber 3, 4, and 5 worlds.


Your ring’s primary stat is based on the type of ring you craft, and the secondary is a random tossup between Stability, Jump, Knockback, Magic Find, HP Regeneration, and Energy Regeneration.  Vitality boxes give Maximum Health as their primary stat, Power gives Physical Damage, Wisdom gives Magic Damage, and Delving gives Lasermancy.  Upon opening a ring box, you can also occasionally find Fine or Masterwork quality rings.  Both increase the stars on your stats (which increases the base value of those stats beyond what non-starred variants can reach), with Fine giving 1-2 on at least one stat while Masterwork gives 2 stars on both.


Material Farming Tips for Ring Crafting


With Shapestone a great and easy farming method is to simply go to a Hub World (hold down the H key) and roaming the areas surrounding it.  Infinium and Formicite don’t spawn in the Hub World, but Shapestone does in abundance.  Not to mention there are no hostile NPCs in the Hub World, so it makes it incredibly easy for farming a bunch of Shapestone quickly.


Another useful tip for farming Shapestone, or any other ore really, is to try and find underground caves.  Usually you can find a bunch of ore down inside one of these, and often you’ll find some mushrooms as well.  They usually just look like giant holes in the ground, so don’t be afraid to hop down one of them and check it out!   (Example pictured below.)


trove caves

Look for Such Caves


Also, when you’re mining you’ll occasionally get usable little chests called Miner’s Troves – these will give you some Shapestone, Formicite, or Infinium, with the rare chance of also getting free Diamonds and Shadow Diamonds, and an extremely rare chance at getting the Diggsly pet!


Primordial Flame

Trove Primordial Flame

Primordial Flame

Normally you’ll find these within other ore veins while mining them, but occasionally you can find a chunk of lone Primordial Flame ores sitting around.  They seem to be more common in the Dragonfire Peak (or Lava) biomes, but that’s simply based off of personal observation.  The ore is fairly hard to miss since it’s a dark-outlined block with a bright, glowing orange center to it.



You primarily get Flux from deconstructing your unneeded items via the Deconstructor, and 5 Flux drops off of Shadow Invaders that occasionally drop from the sky to try and murder you.  It’s also used by players as the primary trading currency, so if you have something that you want to trade for Flux, don’t be afraid to speak up in Global Chat.


Eye of Q’bthulu

You primarily find these randomly while completing Lairs/Dungeons in Uber worlds.   Otherwise if you deconstruct higher quality items you can occasionally get one.  These are only used for creating the shadow diamonds needed for Signet Boxes.


Ring Crafting Leveling 1-250

There’s not a whole lot to it, but similar to the Gardening section I’ll list the materials needed for each. Total required materials will be on the side of each thing listed, notes will be below if there are any.


When crafting boxes, they all require the same materials so just craft whichever ring box you wish to (i.e. whatever’s useful for your primary class).


Total Materials Needed for 1-250

  • 4750 Shapestone
  • 1750 Flux
  • 50 Primordial Flames


Levels 1-50

  • Diamonds x50 – (1750 Flux, 50 Primordial Flame, 1250 Shapestone)
  • Note: DON’T WASTE YOUR DIAMONDS ON THE STONE (Green) BOXES. Crafting Diamonds all the way to 50 will get you 250 Diamonds which will get you through the entirety of levels 50-250.


Levels 51-100

  • Shard Box x50 – (50 Diamonds, 500 Shapestone)


Levels 101-150

  • Band Box x50 – (50 Diamonds, 750 Shapestone)


Levels 151-200

  • Ring Box x50 – (50 Diamonds, 1000 Shapestone)


Levels 201-250

  • Loop Box x50 – (100 Diamonds, 1250 Shapestone)



Final Notes

Professions are fairly simple in Trove right now, with Ring Crafting being used for important bonus stats and Gardening used for the cosmetic side of things.  Both require hefty amounts of farming and crafting, and both have different payoffs in the end.  But at the end of the day they’re extra things to do in the game, and they do provide benefits for those who choose to level them up.


This guide was up-to-date as of 11/14/2014.  The contents covered by this guide are subject to change in future patches, and may not be 100% accurate at any later date.