State of Trove Episode 1: Queue – Redundant Letters and Dancing Friends.

The dev team is doing a phenomenal job keeping us updated on the measures they’re taking to keep queues low, and keep us happy. They’ve, yet again, increased the server capacities for us to keep playing, rather than spend most of our time playing Queue Simulator 2015.


Avarem announced that players would be receiving Shadow Keys as compensation for our troubles with the servers. In addition to the Shadow Keys, they will be giving us one untradable Class Coin, three days of Patron for everyone, and three extra days for everyone who spent money since Launch. These will all be given after the livestream on July 17.


The Starter Pack has also received updates. They redacted the Foreman Footwear – the Diggsly boot pet, and changed it out for a Class Coin. Those of us that already had it will keep the pet, and receive a class coin, so saving for the next class isn’t an issue.


Along with this, a new pack is on the horizon, with nine new skins. Similar to the Blitz n Glitz Pack, this will come out for $20 USD, and presumably last about a month.


A new addition that will be good for all us partiers is that Allies can dance now! Tomb Raisers, get your minions, get your cats, and get the party started! It’s a shame that you’re not able to permanently keep them dancing anymore, though, as a bug fix is that the skeletons will stop emoting when you do.


Speaking of skeletons. The Tomb Raiser has received, in my opinion, an unnecessary buff. My Tomb Raiser is able to manage 6 Skeletons and 6-Skeleton Bone Golem with extreme ease, and theyve made it even easier, increasing the health, lowering decay, and increasing damage, on the skeletons, as well as giving the Bone Golem lower decay rate and an additional attack.


More buffs going around, the next big thing on the list, decoys (Pirate and Fae) have invincibility frames now. This means that clones will last more to their timers rather than to their life bars since they can go for some time without being hit after they’ve taken damage.


Dragon Boxes also recieved a big update. They no longer drop Essences with which to make Souls if you’re unlucky. Instead, Souls drop at the Uncommon level; a 2.5x droprate increase, but will now require 100 souls to fill out instead of 40.


Looking forward to next week, the Neon Dragon will be taking the place of the Azulian Dragon that is currently in rotation, with the new dragon expected to last about a month, all the same as Azorian the Blue, so expect the third box dragon to come out around the 21st of August.


And further out onto the horizon (seemed to be about 2 weeks out), Shadow Towers are coming. They are, presumably, bigger and scarier Shadow Arenas, with a new type of enemy, the Shadow Titan. This creature is significantly larger than anything Trovians have faced before, and armed to the teeth (or spikes, I suppose.)