State of Trove Episode 10: Fishing in a New Suit

The Lunar Lancer has finally released, and a review on that will be coming next week. I’ll be taking this week to investigate builds, primary stats, things to do in combat, etc. This will also give other people time to discover things that may help out in my own learning process.


Being that this is the case, things are going to be kind of slow in the Trove dev rooms. This week the spoils were minimal, however, they were significant. The first of things to come is a new costume pack. The dev team is still picking out what costumes they are going to put in the pack, but it is to be expected, as before, that it will be nine costumes spread over the classes. However, as more and more classes come out, it is also possible that the new costume packs will have more costumes at a higher price to spread them out over more classes.


The next interesting thing is Fishing Week. This will make it easier to hit that wonderful Obsidian Fishing Badge, as it will take approximately half the time to catch things. This means that instead of ~30 seconds to catch a fish, it will be ~15, so watch your monitors while you’re fishing now to maximize those gains! Remember that the Obsidian Badge for Fishing will grant you ocean-themed wings.


They are also incorporating a special bonus, and this one will rotate regularly. They did not release a time interval, however, they did release the first one, which is to be 2x daily souls. This bonus seems to only apply to the free soul that you get every day for doing Challenges, however, that still means youre picking up, at minimum, two souls a day, and that is if you only do the one challenge a day for the free soul.


The next big bonus is also kind of odd given the current status of the game. All old Adventure Boxes will have a 3x drop rate compared to the current box drop rate. For those of you that remember, this sounds a lot like the old drop rate for the first Adventure Boxes, so get ready to get farming on the old boxes.


Ancient Dragon is leaving soon. The devs have made absolutely no hint at what the new dragon will be, other than that the 2x Souls is because this is the last week that the Ancient Dragon will be around. I find it kind of odd that there isn’t any information on the new Dragon though, as they tend to at least leak it a couple of weeks out.


The last thing that the devs have given us is that Shadow’s Eve, the Halloween event, is on the way. The last Halloween event was during Beta, so the change in Trove since then, has been, at the very least, quite extreme. I get the feeling there will be a collection of screenshots from last year coming around as Halloween swings around.


Next week is the Lunar Lancer review by myself, I know it’s going to have been quite a while by the time that comes around, but at least there will be more detail in it than a flick-of-the-wrist guide on the class.