State of Trove Episode 11: Butterflies and Fish

This week in Trove, things looked pretty sparse in the patch notes. The big thing to note is the double fishing week. Hopefully some players hit the Obsidian badge while this was going on, as it is over Tuesday. We also saw double daily Souls for the Ancient Dragon, as this was the last week that the Dragon will be around in the caches.


The new dragon looks more like a butterfly than a dragon. The “Moonwing Dragon” is set to release on Tuesday, and is created by FriedSushi. Sushi will receive 50 codes for a full Moonwing Dragon to give away. They also made another change to the Soul system. Instead of the Legendary Dragon being awarded at 90 souls and the stats at 100, the Dragon will be given at 100 and the stats and Radiant Aura at 90.


New Events will be coming to the game as well. These events are set to last a week, and will be various, highly beneficial bonuses. The first one coming up will be 3x Adventure Boxes, where every Adventure Box ever released will drop at a 3x base rate. This event will be released on Tuesday. The next event, which has not been given a release date, but is safe to assume is the week after, will be 2x Chaos Factor, which means each point of Chaos Factor will grant two Chests instead of one.


Speaking of Chaos Factor, the Patron status is being changed slightly. Instead of granting two Chaos Factor, for two extra chests a day, they will be granting four boxes per day. So a max mastery player with no extra Factor can expect to see six Chaos Chests a day. This will bring a quicker reward in the form of a good drop, for those that have any amount of luck.


Chaos Chests themselves are also receiving a change. They will be giving extra eyes (according to Avarem, one extra eye on average), and the eye drop is being moved to Common. This is to increase the amount of eyes that are circulating throughout the game. In addition to this, Shadow Caches will be also granting more eyes, as well as the two Eye tomes granting more. This means wait until Tuesday to trigger your Legendary Eye Tomes. The Legendary one will be granting 400 instead of 300, and the normal Tome will grant 15 instead of 10.


The Shadow Tower is also getting new mounts – the ones that were already in the Collection but never were attainable. There are three as of right now – a miniature Spike-Walker, a Pinata God PWN-E reskin, and a tentacle that is based on the Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri.


On the horizon – another new costume pack. This one is probably closer to three weeks out, but there will be another set of nine costumes, though so far, only five have been shown – the Mecha Dracolyte by Screamheart, the Pharaoh Tomb Raiser, created by Atronos, but inspired by another user, the Owl Fae Trickster by FriedSushi, and the Monkey King Lunar Lancer, and Magician Boomerranger, given no vocal credit on stream.


Another in-dev feature that we have been waiting for for some time – an auction house market system. Avarem described it as “a garage-sale type situation?,” so hopefully we will see more about that in the near future.


Related to Avarem, there is another new Event coming – though not in the same way as the 2x Factor or the double fishing speed. This one will be a new Invasion event, similar to the Shadow Invaders that are already in the game. These will be Ladybug Invaders, so we can kill the devs with ladybugs yet again!