State of Trove Episode 12: Entrepreneurship and Dress-Up

This week has been a good week in Trove. A new dragon has come out, triple Adventure Box drops, Summer Pinata sale. It’s been good. But things are going to be happening soon to the world in a..spooky manner.


Shadow’s Eve is just around the corner, and with this event, comes eight new costumes! The list of costumes was listed through a semi-glitchy mic, so the spellings and credit may be incorrect, or missing entirely, if credit is known, leave a comment and an edit will be made as necessary.


  • Sakira Sage – Fuzzyderp
  • Magic Man Boomerranger – Screamheart
  • Pharaoh Tomb Raiser – Neon1234
  • Comic Hero Boomerranger – Kukui
  • Shipyard Scavenger Pirate Captain – Salypso
  • Mecha Dracolyte – Screamheart
  • Night Owl Fae Trickster – FriedSushi

Along with the costumes is coming similar things as what was in the Shadow’s Eve event last year – that is, a seasonal crafting table with special recipes, the Autumn Pinata will presumably be returning, either as last years model or a new, similar model. Hopefully we see the latter.


Players are finally seeing a more streamlined way of trading. The Player Marketplace is in the works, and if it works as it is intended, it will probably be the end of Trade chat. It allows you to post items in a currency, and how much you want for it. As of right now, there seems to be no listing fee, however, you are limited to a certain number of items to sell – the base number at the moment appears to be six items allowed.


On the Buy section, you can search for items, vendors, and currencies. So you can search for an item posted by Screamheart for Mushroom Chunks, or just the Mushroom Chunks, or just Screamheart. The only reason it seem that Trade would stick around is for people that are out of space and are unable to purchase additional slots, which can be acquired for Cubits or Credits.


When you post an item, it will take the item from your inventory at the time of posting. There is no time limit (it seems) to the actual posting, it will just be there until it sells. When it does sell, you will have to go back into the Marketplace and claim your currency. Avarem has already stated this will not be at a central location, but not whether it will be at another crafting table or another menu.


Also to come, hopefully sooner than the Player Marketplace – Ladybug Invaders. This will be the “buggiest event” ever. The invasion rate will be increased to 3x the current rate, and will drop unique rewards. There is a mount, a pair of wings, and a helmet that will drop from these. The helmet, as Avarem put it, “if you want it, you’ll probably get it.” The wings and mount on the other hand, will require you to “kill as many Invaders as you possibly can.”


In addition to this, for the week of the Ladybug Invasions, the Bouncy Ladybug will be making its way back into the Chaos Boxes. Much luck to anyone who opens a box trying to find this mount! Another change that will help is that the Patrons will receive four Chaos Factor instead of two.


Remember, Trovians, Halloween is just around the corner, and Shadow’s Eve isn’t far behind it! Get some costumes and have a great party!