State of Trove Episode 2: Shadows, Titans, and..Lances?

So this week has been an extremely eventful one. A new Dragon cycle, Panda Adventure Boxes, and more! The dev team has been at it nonstop to fix the server queue problems, as well as the other bugs that plague the game right now, and they’ve succeeded. Players should experience little to no queue on logging in.


However, this is stuff players picked up on very quickly. So let’s look at the stuff on the way. Friday, July 24, the dev team spoiled the new class definitively – the Lunar Lancer. Fasti, on the forums, gave us a hint earlier this week that it is a wolf, which was confirmed on the stream. The class is another transforming one, similar to the Dracolyte, except it’s transformation is a hulking Lunar (or Shadow, could go either way) Knight.


The new weapon type that is coming with this class is Spears. These are, as of right now, supposed to have about the same dimensions as Staves, which was noted on the stream as well, and they’ll be taking community-made spears in the near future.


Coming alongside this class update is the Shadow Tower. This will be an extremely fierce and dangerous environment for anyone but those of the best gear. This has already been slightly showcased with the first renditions of the Spikinator, the game’s first Shadow Titan. This creature will be enormous – bigger than any monster a Trovian has bore witness to, and is centered around spikes.


These abilities will use spikes that are much more intense than the current spikes in the world. They’ll deal more damage, and there will probably be more. And whether they were joking, it is worth mentioning that the dev team mentioned lava spikes on stream. As in, spikes that will do their initial damage and set you ablaze, similar to the Fire mutator on bosses.


Let’s look at something that’s a little bit closer on the horizon, though. Class Changers are being phased out in favor of being able to class-jump on the go. This means that you’ll no longer need to be hanging around a Cornerstone come Challenge time, and rather, that you can just hit J, and get your gear, and swap to another class in a very short period of time.


Along with this wonderful change for the adventurers, we’re also getting a new costume pack! Nine costumes that will be bundled on the store for $20 for a limited time. This means that the Necrofancy Pack will be gone from the store on Tuesday afternoon, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, and have the intention of doing so, you should get on it quickly.


This pack is comprised of two Neon Ninja skins, two Candy Barbarian skins, one Fae Trickster, one Pirate Captain, one Dracolyte, one Shadow Hunter, and one Ice Sage skin. The interesting thing about this, is that the Candy Barbarian skins are a pair, and will be sold both in the bundle, and in the store, as a set.


The development team has been doing a wonderful job, and will hopefully keep up the excellent work, between the queue resolution and all the new content coming. Praise to everyone on the Trove dev team for all their hard work!