State of Trove Episode 3: Ride Forth, and Expand Storage


Challenges easier, free Cubits, more Patron time, and more this week in Trove! While this week was kind of slow, this is because they’re gearing up for the Lunar Lancer and Shadow Tower update.


First, to address some concerns. The database problem that took place has been resolved, and they are giving us free stuff to compensate. Everyone that logs in between 12:00PM on July 31st, and August 2nd will receive a Class Coin (untradeable) and 3000 Cubits. In addition, anybody that spent money before the database error on that day (most of the people that bought the To The Nines pack) received three days of Patron status as well for free in addition to whatever they purchased being returned to them. If you did not receive the item(s) you lost, you need to submit a Support ticket.


This week, they gave us three new mounts in the Chaos Boxes – Daimeownt, Ari Gato, and Domo Gato. As fantastic as the cat puns are, the mounts look just as nice, and here’s to hoping that they show up in the near future in the store for those of us that aren’t so lucky as to see them in the Chaos Boxes.


They also gave us an extremely useful Adventuring feature – the ability to change classes on the go. Class Changers still exist for the collectors, but they can no longer be crafted. Instead, you can press J (default) to change your class whenever you would like. This means challenges wont start out communing around someone’s Class Changer, instead on the flight pad.


Speaking of incoming mounts, the rumors of new mounts are, in the words of the livestreamers today, a pile of bull. Literally. Two new bull mounts have been added in the Rare section, implying that they will probably be more Chaos Box based mounts until they make their way into some other method of obtaining them.


In addition to all this, those pack-exclusive Mounts, Boats, and Wings that were in the Necrofancy and Arcanium Discord packs? Those are on the Store now. You can pick up these items for the standard Mount, Boat, and Wing prices respectively – 1625, 2250, 2500.


We’ll also be seeing new Radiant Auras on Tuesday. However, these wont just be stock in the Enchanted Forge like the first five. These three new Auras will be seen in other methods. One will be acquired from the Neon Dragon Ascension, one from Mastery, and one is to be decided. According to the stream today, there is also a super secret one, but take that with a grain of salt.



On a related note, we’ll finally get a feature the harder MMO players have been waiting for for some time: Combat text. We’ll be able to see how much damage we’re actually doing (and healing – this will affect Flasks as well). Although, I get the feeling this will be yet another bar that players have to overcome to get into the good Shadow Arenas.


Finally, coming next week, is the Inventory Expansion. For the first week this is out, it will be half off, and will increase your inventory space by 5 slots. You can buy them in packs of one, for 500 Credits, or ten for 5000. However, next week, those values will be 250 and 2500 for the sale.