State of Trove Episode 4: Fishing, Space, and Titans

Trove went through somewhat of a controversy this week. On Tuesday, Inventory Expansions were added to the game, which cost 250 Credits for 5 slots directly into your Inventory during this week; this will end on Tuesday, Aug. 11. The alternative is to buy a tradeable “coin”, which is 5 slots for 500 Credits. A lot of the community has been in an uproar over whether this is the beginning of the path Trion has gone down with games in the past (Archeage being a more than sufficient example) of a pay-to-win sort of game. However, with the way Trove is structured, this is very difficult, and it becomes more of a “pay-for-serious-amounts-of-convenience” type situation.



Honestly, I do agree with most of the community – the Inventory Expansion system needs to be changed. My suggestion would be to make it 500 Credits for ten slots, rather than five, and keep the 250 for five slots. People would still buy these expansions, and still spend money on the Credits to do so, and I think it would quell some of the problems people have with the current system.



But now let’s talk about the future. The spoils on the live-stream, found at the end of this article, brought up new Radiant Auras, fishing, and the Shadow Titan winner, which will be added to the game at some point during the whole Shadow Tower excursion. A link to the winner will also be at the end of the article so you can quickly go to that.



The new Shadow Titan to be added to the game is authored by FriedSushi, named the Shade Hydrakken, or Shadow Hydra. Atronos on the stream said, “This lends itself to many interesting mechanics”, so maybe we’ll see a Shadow of the Colossus-esque boss fight with this one. The spike themed one looks okay , but FriedSushi did a great job on this boss.



Onto the next world features, Radiant Auras will now drop in the world – there’s only two that do at the moment, but it has been introduced. One is heart-themed, and one is Shadow themed, and both will drop in the world very rarely – more rare than a Meownt or Pemblock, according to Atronos. The third aura is Neon themed, and will not drop from the world as the other two are, but instead, will be awarded at the 50 Dragon Soul mark. If you already have these 50 Souls, you’ll receive the aura when you log in, so don’t worry about that. They also hinted at a Mastery Aura, which will probably be awarded at one of the levels once they add more Mastery levels (with the next class, maybe?)



Related to the Hydra, we’ll be taking a look in the water at Fishing, which is getting a new mechanic – Weight. Fish will randomly be assigned a weight, and classed into different weight classes. These weight classes will affect what happens when you Deconstruct the fish. Heavier fish will award Trophies, which will be exactly the same as creature Trophies in the world, except these fish will be split into basic, Silver, and Gold trophies, which will be awarded based on their weight – the highest weight class awarding Gold, the one below it; Silver, etc. Also, Atronos mentioned that Plasma Fishing was still on their minds, just not ingame yet, and it is to come soon.



Link to the stream mentioned in the article:


Link to the winning Shadow Titan: