State of Trove Episode 5: New Rides and New Poses, with a Special Glow

Thankfully this week, there hasn’t been nearly as much controversy in the world of Trove as there has been in the past – things are calming down right now and we’re gearing up for a huge patch – the Lunar Lancer release, which as of right now, according to various leaks and minor spoils, contains the class, a new Weapon type – the Spear, and the Shadow Tower.


Speaking of future spoils, on the stream on August 14, the Trove dev team spoiled a new biome in the works, and although very little is known about it, it is possible that this was the first spoils for the new Underground biome and update that they have confirmed to be coming sometime in the future.


Fishing has always been kind of drab. Sure, it’s an amazing way to get a lot of Glim, but it’s very, very plain compared to other games – a more refined timing, having a minigame attached to it, things like that. But now, Fish will have a weight attached to them for the collectors to brag about the fattest fish they’ve caught. Higher weights will also net Trophies of ascending quality – Bronze, Silver, and Gold, so the proudest hunters can present the biggest trophies they’ve caught.


There are also more Radiant Auras now – three more, specifically. Two of these Auras will be acquired in a similar manner to Pemblock or Meownt, but with a much lower drop chance. The third aura will be a Neon Dragon award, which is possibly going to be a trend among all Dragon Boxes to come – some kind of Radiant Aura.


Next week, things are going to sail rather smoothly. The collection of premium anti-aquatic Meownts – the Ari Gato, Domo Gato, and Daimeownt, will be able to be purchased for 1625 Credits starting this coming Tuesday, for those of us with very poor luck in the Chaos Chests when they are in rotation.


Along with this, we’ll be seeing eight new sails – the Ladybug Sail, Bee Sail, Raider Sail, Inner Sea, Serpent’s Nest, Foolish Fish, Much Sail, and Compass Rose. The dev team said most of these, if not all, will be picked up in the Treasure Isles, just like the vast majority of the other “printed” sails.


The next couple weeks are going to be quite interesting too. Within two weeks, they’re adding tradeable Patron Passes – at 3000 Credits each. This comes in at just a little under $20, according to the packs, which is just a tad more than buying it for just yourself. Along with this, the first non-Dragon mount that flies is coming out – the Sugar Glider. This will be hitting the Chaos Boxes initially, but hopefully will be coming to the Store soon later.


In addition to this, two weeks or more out, we’ll be seeing a new feature for screenshots – Epic Poses. These will let you pose while youre on your mount, and give you access to different poses that /pose does not give you. There are also unique poses for every mount rig (every Pemblock has the same pose, but it is different from the Meownt pose.)