State of Trove Episode 6: Previews – A Look into the World of Tomorrow!

The future (and present) hold great things in Trove in the next few weeks. The Daimeownt, Ari Gato, and Domo Gato are finally in the store, there’s eight new sails for us to collect, and Adventure Boxes got rotated – the Blue and Green Manta Rays are now what drop from them.


But we already knew about all of that – let’s look at the coming soon things. The first of many is that next week, the Sugar Glider mount (or flying squirrel for some – but it is a sugar glider according to Trion) is coming to the Chaos Chests on Tuesday. In addition to this, next week is 2x Chaos Factor week. Instead of each Chaos Factor giving you one Chaos Chest, it will give two! Maybe with this double Factor week, they will elaborate a little bit on the Golden Chaos Chests that were leaked a couple of weeks ago.


The Neon Dragon will also be rotating out, for those of you that have been relaxing on getting the full Dragon, this week will be the last chance for you to get them from a box. The following week, the Ancient Dragon – not the Disaeon Elder Dragon line, will be rotating in and Neon Dragon Boxes will be leaving.


After many weeks of previewing, the Trove dev team has finally started reveals on the Lunar Lancer, and given us a release date – September 15. The patch with the Lunar Lancer will have everything we’ve seen so far – the Shadow Tower, the class itself, along with plenty more to come that they will probably show off in the coming weeks that lead up to the big patch.


The preview has the basic spear (probably) as well as the entire kit as of right now. Let it be known this is pre-release, and subject to change. With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s look at what he can do:


The new classes basic attack is a straight line with the spear, in a sort of stabbing manner.


The Lancer’s passive is that as he attacks, he will fill a “buff bar” up, and as he fills it, he grows in size, gaining stats – this appears to have two or three stages.


The first ability is a two part spell. The first part of the spell throws his spear, sticking to any terrain it makes contact with, and exploding in a small area. This ability can be reactivated to carry the player to where the spear landed.


The second ability is a combo. It is two sweeps in a large cone in front of the Lancer, and it seems to trigger his passive, applying stacks to the buff bar.


The final ability; the Lunar Lancer’s ultimate, drops a larger version of your equipped spear from the sky, damaging everything in the area, and leaving behind a ring that, if you are positioned within, will grant you health and energy regeneration bonuses.


The only real deviation in the whole reveal is that instead of the lumbering Lunar Knight that was in the very first previews before any ingame work was done, has been removed in place of the character just simply growing in size with the stacks, and getting armor upgrades.


Patches over the next few weeks leading up to the Lunar Lancer release may be smaller than the past few weeks since most resources are probably going to go toward last minute fixing and work on the big release on Sept. 15.