State of Trove Episode 7: Chaos and Story!

It’s been quite a chaotic week in Trove. The biggest reason is that players had 2x Chaos Factor during this week, so each point of it granted two chests, which is perfect with the addition of Squeakers, the Sugar Glider being added to the rare loot table (for now).


We can finally buy Patron for our friends without having to do it in such a roundabout way. Tradeable Patron Passes hit the store Tuesday, however, you can only buy in 30 day increments.


/epicpose is also in the game at last. This means youll be able to take those badass poses on your mounts and show off the achievement of having a Radiant weapon from the comfort of your mount!




They recapped the Lunar Lancer reveal, showing off some new things with it, such as new VFX for the ultimate. As a refresher, the kit is as follows:


Passive – Attacks fill a buff bar, and this buff bar increases your size and stats, finishing as a large Lunar knight.


Basic attack – Straight line that deals damage


M2 – Throw a spear to target location. Reactivate to grapple to the location.


1 – Two-hit combo that knocks up all enemies caught in the cone.


2 – Larger version of your spear drops from the sky and does damage, then provides a zone which increases health and energy regen.


They also showed off that the passive will add new mechanics to your abilities when it is full.


Also starting next week, the new Dragon will be coming out. This means that the Neon Dragon Souls will no longer drop from boxes, but instead, have to be attained from the Dragon Crucible in the Hub. This will be two Coins and various materials for three Souls. The new dragon to replace it will be the Ancient Dragon, sporting a beard and ripped wings.


In addition to this, the first Challenge you do each day will grant you one free Soul. This means the Legendary Dragon is more attainable for those that cannot play as often as some others are able to, which is both a fair addition, and kind of harmful to the already broken economy.


The Shadow Tower UI also was leaked. As of right now, the Shadow Tower will cost two Shadow Keys to run. It’s split into four floors, and each one sports a different Titan. You will run four Shadow Arenas (or dungeons) then one last fight with the Titan in a special arena. This will grant two new exclusive types of currency to be used in the Shadow Towers. The content that these will purchase has not been shown yet. As a reminder, this is scheduled to come out Sept. 15.


Three weeks to go until the big patch comes out, containing the Shadow Tower, the Lunar Lancer, and much more, I’m sure. Hopefully the dev team hasn’t spoiled all the cool stuff that’s on the way for us yet. (I’m personally hoping to see Golden Chaos Chests soon as a rare in normal Chaos Chests)