State of Trove Episode 8: Titanic Reveals from Avarem

Avarem returns from Europe this week, and with him, the spoils are plentiful and high quality. The stream was definitely lacking in these without him, and his return means we get to see a lot more before it comes out.


This week was the Ancient Dragons reveal, and with it, some more changes to Challenges. Firstly, there have been free daily souls added for those that have a little bit less luck. This soul can’t be traded, but it does make getting to that magical one hundred a little bit easier. Neon Dragon Souls can now be crafted in the Dragon Crucible – 3 souls for 2 Dragon Coins, 1 Golden Soul, and 15 Robotic Salvage.


The Dragon Caches are also being changed for this release. The caches are being changed to reward less flux, and drop more souls. Avarem stated on the stream that these are intended to farm for the Legendary Dragon, not for the flux. Instead, the flux will be moved to the new boxes in the Shadow Tower – The Shaper’s Dream and Shaper’s Vision. These will grant the massive amount of flux currently found in the Dragon Caches, as well as the Penta Souls that are very rarely found in them currently. The Shapers boxes will also drop Quad and Tri-Forged Souls.


And to the victor go the spoils – said the man that never watches the stream. Everyone gets spoils here, and they’re plentiful this week. They did another recap on the Lunar Lancer, but did release some numbers. For one, the passive, once filled, will grant -50% damage taken (that’s half damage taken while in your passive!), +50% damage dealt, quadruple health regen, on top of the new mechanics on the abilities you already have.


Your first ability – the double sweep, will not knock up anymore while you’re in your basic form. Instead, it will stun, and when your passive is enabled, you will still get the knockup from the first revisions of the class. Your M2 will deal double damage compared to without your passive when you use the second half of it – the grappling to it – it will also be an instant teleport instead. And your ultimate, in addition to all the buffs it’ll give, will also create a meteor shower around the buff area.


The Shadow Tower has also been completely revealed. This has been confirmed to completely replace Shadow Arenas. Instead, you will craft a portal for your Club World which will take you to the Shadow Tower, which as of right now, is comprised of four Shadow Arenas, then the Titan fight. There are four Titans shipping with the Tower. Defeating one will grant you a certain amount of Titan Souls, depending on which one you kill, which are used to get the Shaper’s Dream and Shaper’s Vision boxes. The Daughter of the Moon, which is the hardest Titan, will grant Lunar Souls, which will be for entirely different rewards altogether.


The Tower will also have a leaderboard. This leaderboard will time you in the Tower, and if you’re in the top 100, your name will be a shadowy purple. This name color will have priority over all other name colors, so your name wont be overwritten by max mastery (gold) or Heart-A-Phone (red).


The Shadow Titan is intended to be the most dangerous creature in all of Trove, and based on the reveal, it is doing just that. They revealed one of the four new Titans, the Weeping Prophet. Armed with tentacles and shouldered with eyes (literally!), this Titan has the capability to spawn Eye of Q’bthulu minions, as well as shadowy teardrops which will do damage to you as you stand in them. These mechanics will develop as the boss’ healthbar drops, so don’t worry about all of this happening at once! Well, not immediately.


Legendary Tomes are also on the horizon, and though they haven’t given a specific release, I personally think they’ll be coming with the Shadow Tower update. These tomes will give fantastic rewards – things like Chaos Chests and Dragon Coins, but they can only be filled once a week.


Avarem has made a post on the forums regarding Challenges. And though these have been looked at numerous times, the dev team is making another sweep on them. This time, theyre looking at the fundamental mechanics that run Challenges, since we as players have “beaten” the current system – to gear up 5 minutes before and go crazy farming for 20 minutes. The dev team stated they want this to be more about the Dragons than the Flux, which the latter has clearly become the priority. Theyre looking at lowering the U6 multiplier, making the Challenge only three stages, and the cache reward is being halved, but the soul reward is being doubled. This third stage will also grant a free soul, same as the daily one that is currently in place. So you’ll see about the same number of souls, just in fewer boxes.


Two weeks until the new class comes out, and with it, even more spoils of things to come past this. Hopefully the Underground update is on the way and we get our Geomancer-type class. is the stream the spoils are from.