State of Trove Episode 9: Luna, Now a Rare Drop!

This Tuesday is the release of the Lunar Lancer, and Trovians are hopping to play it (on live!) The Shadow Tower content update is absolutely enormous, and there is even more to come in the next couple weeks.


The past few articles have been rather similar; a recap of the Lunar Lancer, and a couple new spoils. This week, we’re gonna take a deeper look at the spoils to come, because when I was watching, the people in the chat seemed to get a bit fired up about these.


First, the Legendary Tomes. We’ll start with their function: they can only be “used” once a week (hit the XP quota to get the reward). They were unclear whether this means a 7 day cooldown from the time that you use it, or that it resets every week with the patch. I suppose this remains to be seen. But the rewards and obtainability are what people seemed to get fired up over. The four Legendary Tomes are: 300 Eyes, 20 Tentacles, 3 Dragon Coins, and 10 Chaos Chests. Two of those; the Eye and Tentacle ones, will be found in the Shadow Tower. However, the other two are store Tomes, the Coin one being bought for Credits or Cubits, and the Chest one for just Credits.


Now, seeing a Tome offer Chaos Chests is kind of strange in and of itself, but if you’re on it every week, it’s basically another 1.5 Chaos Factor per day. This isn’t something to ignore, and the fact that it’s even added means that, in conjunction with the Shaper’s boxes (even though you can only open five a week), this will rip up the economy even more than it has been since the Dragon Challenge boxes.


Now, some of the (observed) controversy lies in that the Lunacy pack; the pack that will launch with the class; comes with the class, two costumes, two mounts, and the two store Legendary Tomes. This, for all intents and purposes, allows players a direct avenue to buying Chaos Factor.


In a similar vein, though much more understandable, Golden Chaos Chests are in. They will only show up in bundles, but they roll solely from the Rare table. This means that it’s a lot easier to acquire things like the Chaos Coins and the various Chaos themed items that come out of the Rare table.


Fashion-heavy Trovians will rejoice with this one. The bald “hairstyle” will be available in the upcoming patch, allowing players to finally put on their hats without funky “hair leaking”, where some of their hairstyle will spill out of their hat in an awkward manner.


In other news, the Apple bearing Trovians now have a way to play without overloading their system full of tweaks and the like. The Mac client is available for open testing. Avarem didn’t specifically announce a post to send bugs to, so it’s safe to assume that just general tech support forum is where this will go.