What’s New in Trove: September Edition

What’s New in Trove: September Edition

The leaves are turning, shadows are stirring, and Trove has entered Closed Beta. Check out the list of highlights from September, then read on for a peek at what’s coming next!


Closed Beta

We said a fond farewell to Alpha last month … so we could throw open the doors to Closed Beta! With wipes a thing of the past, Trovians have finally begun their true adventures. To read more about Beta, check out Avarem’s welcome post!

Neon Ninja

Stealthy assassins have infiltrated Trove and are making quick work of their fearsome opponents. Click here to preview this speedy swordsman with all the right moves.

Neon City

Huge monoliths rise from the ground, and eerie glowing liquid flows across the plains. Who built Neon City, and what secrets does it have in store?


Giant riding Corgis are already a favored method of conveyance in Trove, but Pember takes things to a whole new level. With his fiery locks and sly smile, he’s heating things up around the Hub. This is one hot dog. (Bun intended.)


Say you just got a new sword that you’re itching to try out, but you don’t want to abandon the trusty spatula that’s kept you going strong for the last 5 levels. Fret not – we have a solution!

The new Style system allows you to apply the look of an item you’ve already collected to new items you find on your adventures. Now you, too, can be a candy-cane-wielding Ninja with a cat face and an island on your head. (Or anything more … sane … that you might prefer!)



Break out the shovels: Planting season is headed to Trove! Our upcoming Gardening system puts the power of nature in your squarish hands. Raise a variety of botanicals to transmute blocks, whip up some tasty Mount Feed, and much, much more!

Shadow’s Eve

It’s a spooky time of year in Trove. The days start to shorten, and the night churns with terror as all prepare for Shadow’s Eve! This limited-time event will have you avoiding tricks and hoping for treats (and trust us – the candy corn is worth hoarding).



Neon Ninja

Fast as lightning and twice as bright, the Neon Ninja brings stealth and swordplay to whole new levels in Trove. A flash of light, a puff of smoke, and the Neon Ninja’s enemies are dispatched. Ninja … vanish!

New Biome: Neon City

Towering electronic edifices rise menacingly over streams of glowing blue liquid, while legions of robotic adversaries prowl the streets below. The newest biome in Trove is absolutely electrifying and will be available soon, wherever fine adventures are found!


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