10 Best Apps to Hang Out with Friends in VR

A good VR social experience is one of the best things about VR, and in this article we’ll be looking at some of the apps that will help you make the most of your friends in VR. For example, VRChat is one of the most popular apps in VR and it has a lot of social features: you can meet new people, send and receive messages, create groups, join others’ groups, create and join your own video chat rooms, and even play games together.

Virtual reality is still a relatively new technology that’s rapidly growing in popularity.  It’s been around in the public for a few years now, but that doesn’t stop people from being interested in trying it out.  There are plenty of apps for people to try out and see if they want to continue using it or not.  One of the most popular, and widely used, is called Rec Room .  It’s an app that allows you to hang out with friends in virtual reality, and it’s an absolute blast.  In this guide, we’re going to go over 10 of the best Rec Room apps, and show you how you can

Virtual Reality (VR) is much more than just a gaming platform. VR has the potential to provide some of the most amazing social experiences in the world. With that in mind, we’re putting together a list of 10 apps that will help you hang out with friends in VR.. Read more about vr content platform and let us know what you think.

Are you stuck inside? You should be aware, however, that your virtual reality headset is much more than a Beat Saber machine. You can really talk to your pals, play games, and watch movies with them, almost as if the globe hadn’t been plunged into a worldwide pandemic—or whatever is preventing you from stepping outside.

Here are a few applications where you may connect with old friends and make new ones. In any case, it’s a lot better than FaceTime. Oh, and they’re all free, too!



Even almost six years after its original release on Oculus Rift DK1 in 2014, the OG of social VR applications is still going strong. Because of its open avatar and world creation possibilities, it has developed a distinct culture of strange, organic memes over time. You may even connect with friends who don’t possess a VR headset, making this a great gathering spot for almost everyone… except PSVR users, for the time being.

Rift – Quest – Steam – Go


There’s now a lobby where you can hang out and talk, but the true attraction of Bigscreen is the ability to settle down with friends or strangers and connect over its limitless watching options. Bigscreen is the gold standard of social watching platforms because everything you can access on your computer and show on your monitor can be shared with anybody. You may now pay to view movies, which is a great touch if you aren’t already a subscriber to a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Rift – Quest – Steam – Go

Rec Room

Relaxing and talking is great, and you can do both in Rec Room, but this cross-platform gem brings the whole VR headset community together in one colorful, entertaining space. There are co-op ‘quests,’ a battle royale shooter, and lots of other reasons to stay and have fun outside of shooting the breeze with your friends.

PSVR – Rift – Steam – Quest


NeosVR aspires to be the metaverse by combining an operating system, a gaming engine, and a chat room. It is, however, very complex, but the things you can create in-game are incredible. It even has its own cryptocurrency, but the user base isn’t big enough for it to be useful just yet.



Okay, I stated all of these social applications were free, and OrbusVR is still technically free. Possibly the most feature-rich VR MMORPG. You may play for free until you reach level 10, allowing you to interact with the whole playerbase. Explore the vast open world of Patraeyl as a bard, mage, paladin, shaman, scoundrel, and more.

Steam – Rift – Quest

Mozilla Hubs are a collection of websites run by Mozilla.

Mozilla Hubs is a lightweight social application that isn’t really an app at all, but rather a WebXR-based social experience that allows for easy, one-click construction of virtual rooms that anybody can join straight from the browser—from smartphones to desktop browsers to VR headsets. Simply enter your private chat room’s room code and join your pals from any device.

VR on PC, Quest, and Go

Home Oculus

Unfortunately, it’s only available for Rift users for the time being, but with fully customized rooms, there’s a compelling incentive to gather your pals in an Oculus Home area before moving on to other multiplayer games. That is, until Facebook Horizons arrives on the platform, which should bring all Oculus users together under one app.

There’s no need to install anything. The desktop runtime already has it built in.

Home on SteamVR

SteamVR Home, like Oculus Home, isn’t quite a conventional chat room, despite having some of the finest custom-made rooms of any social area. Where else can you hang out with your pals in Half-Life: Alyx’s preview section?

It’s built into SteamVR, however you may want to check out the Steam Workshop to see what’s available.


Because it doesn’t provide screen sharing or crazy user-generated material, vTime is a bit of a sleeper on our list, but if you’re not scared by any of that and simply want to chat with minimum setup, vTime is a fantastic place to do it. You create friends and give chat invitations to others, and then you’re seated for round-table style conversation in a number of sleek places, similar to a social network.

Rift – Go – Android – iOS – Windows Mixed Reality

Altspace Virtual Reality

AltspaceVR offers live performances, meetings, and courses, and it works with a variety of VR headsets. Although it isn’t as active as it once was in the early days of VR, the fundamental functionality is still there, and community participation is still remarkable. Here’s a list of all the future events.

Rift – Quest – Steam – Go

What are some of your favorite social virtual reality apps? Please let us know in the comments section below!

We’ve all dreamed of hanging out with our friends in a virtual world, and now you can. The HTC Vive is the first truly immersive headset that lets you play with friends in a 3D VR environment, complete with the ability to walk around the room, chat with them in VR, and even go out of the house to explore places you might not normally go. Oculus Rift and PSVR have come closest to the magic of true virtual reality, but the Vive is the first headset to offer truly immersive experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you meet people in VR?

There are a few ways to meet people in VR. You can use apps like Rec Room, or you can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Can you meet other people in VR?

Yes, you can meet other people in VR.

Can you watch Netflix with friends in VR?

Yes, you can watch Netflix with friends in VR.

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