Best Free Apps For PlayStation VR

If you’re new to the PlayStation VR gaming unit, you might not realize just how many things are already available to enjoy.

If you are new to the world of VR gaming and are not sure if PlayStation’s answer to the newest trend is the right one for you, be sure to read our article in full.

We’ll provide you with all the details on this amazing platform and show you just how much it can do to enhance your gaming experience.

In the meantime, you don’t need to slog through PlayStation’s store to find the best apps for PS VR fun because we’ve got them all right here.


Spider-Man: Homecoming in VR

Sony has decided to release a VR gaming experience for Spider-Man: Homecoming to go with their latest film installment.

In the VR game, you’ll take on the role of Spider-Man during his first foray with the new suit Tony Stark built for him.

As such, you’ll test out how the suit works, including different web shooter combinations, before moving on to try your hand at defeating the antagonist of the film, Vulture.

Although the whole sequence is relatively short, Sony put it together in such a way that fans should be pleased and hope for a fully fledged Spider-Man VR game as soon as possible.




VR platforms like the one from PlayStation offer users the perfect opportunity to watch some of their favorite TV shows from a virtual reality perspective.

PlayStation’s VR unit gives you access to the entire Hulu library provided you’re already a subscriber with a paid monthly membership.

Not everything Hulu offers will display in a VR mode, but the app does have a small selection of videos that showcase the power of virtual reality streaming.

These videos can vary in quality but each one is short enough to give you a taste of the true virtual experience without leaving you feeling bored.

In addition, you can always kick back in a virtual living room of sorts to catch up on the shows or films you already know you’ll enjoy.



Virtual reality isn’t just about experiencing the best that gaming has to offer.

It’s also a way to experience mediums like an animated film in an entirely new dimension.

The short film Allumette is a prime example of this concept at work.

It’s not only beautifully animated but also something of a silent film, containing no dialogue whatsoever.

Instead, musical arrangements help to convey the emotions within the tale as you watch a mother and child make tough choices and sacrifices for one another.

The story itself is certainly well done, but there are chances for you to interact with it, too.

You’ll be able to lean in to experience the stop-motion effects at a closer angle or in some cases feel like you’re taking a virtual tour of a town in the clouds, where the story takes place.



Invasion is not technically a game, but it is still a virtual reality experience.

It’s a short film about two aliens who are intent on taking over the earth.

Unfortunately, the pair doesn’t count on a small white bunny that decides to make completing their task as difficult as possible.

Despite having a superior interstellar technology, the aliens find themselves constantly foiled by the antics of the rabbit.

However, Invasion is more than just a video, as it turns the watcher into a rabbit as well.

The simplicity and immersion factor of Invasion both make it a nice primer to the VR world before you jump into more complex apps.



Our next pick is another app with video content, but one that is filled with things you can do or experience.

Most of the content is action-packed or interactive in some way, including a visit to Rio to attend the Olympics or various comedic sketches in which you can take an active role.

The best part is that all of Littlstar’s content is fully immersive with 360-degree angles at every turn so you’ll truly feel as though you’re in the experience.

Navigating from video to video or scene to scene is easy, which makes it a great app for first-time VR enthusiasts to try.

Well-known TV stations like Discovery have already crafted some great content for VR, or you can sort by categories that contain topics or genres that suit your tastes.



YouTube is the premier place to access the Internet’s video content, so of course, they are a great place to start with virtual reality.

Not everything on YouTube is VR-specific at the present time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed on a headset.

Using the PlayStation VR tool, you can get your news and entertainment videos in a new way that might provide you with a fresh perspective on the subject.

Just like the normal interface, you can sort through YouTube videos based on their content type, your recommended videos and subscriptions if you are logged into your own account, or just see what the homepage has to offer.



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault

You’re already guaranteed to like this entry if you’re a longtime fan of the Call of Duty series.

The virtual add-on for the basic Infinite Warfare game turns you into a fighter pilot at the controls of an aircraft so advanced that you’ll do battle not only above the clouds but above the stratosphere as well.

The game moves along at a pretty organic pace, starting you out with a routine training mission that gets the story going and helps you familiarize yourself with the controls of the jet.

It won’t be long until you come under attack by enemy forces, though, so you should be prepared for some swift, intense combat in air and space.


Gary the Gull

For most of us, the days are still gloomy and cold this time of the year.

It’s the perfect opportunity to use virtual reality to escape to a place with warmth and sun.

If this sounds like fun to you, Gary the Gull has certainly got you covered.

Gary the Gull is another short film addition to the PlayStation’s VR apps, but it’s also an interactive video experience.

You’ll spend some time in the sun with the titular character, and the gameplay and plot will change depending on how you answer the questions Gary asks you.

The game works by vocal responses or movements of your head.

If you have the proper controllers, you can interact with the beach environment too.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

There are few areas in which VR might be more effective than the action and horror gaming genres.

In either case, the PlayStation VR headset is able to put you right in the middle of events as they unfold and give you an active, very real role to play.

Such is the case with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a shooter game in the classic arcade style that seeks to combine the best elements of action gameplay with the jump scares and other tactics of its horror genre counterpart.

Best of all, the full demo version of this game is available to play for free and is more than enough to give you a taste of horror from a virtual reality perspective.

During gameplay, you will be strapped into a virtual roller coaster as a horde of monsters ascends upon you from every angle.

You’ll be armed with a variety of weapons in order to combat your foes but don’t forget to duck when the occasion calls for it.

In the full game, you’ll have access to seven levels, each with their own diverging paths to keep you interested and the horror aspect of the game going strong.



If you want to add a free streaming service to your VR platform, Lens is the answer.

It’s an app that’s now available for PSVR users and allows them to stream cool 360-degree videos and standard 2D videos alike.

While there are several other video apps available, Lens is one of the few that combines the best of 3D and 2D videos in one platform, making it a worthy addition to your library.

Lens for PS VR.


Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall

Even if you’ve never had the urge to plunge over 14,000 feet as you jump from a moving aircraft, you can still experience this safely thanks to Nightfall.

There are free and full versions of this app, and even the free one will give you a good idea of the fun you can have with Nightfall.

During training, you’ll work to become a HALO jumper who can steer your parachute through gates for high scores.

The game looks great once you first jump from the plane although the texturing does experience a drop in quality as you get close to the ground.

Nightfall is not only an exhilarating experience but a fun game that shows off the power of VR to beginners who are just trying it out.




Finally, there is JAUNT, a streaming service dedicated to bringing VR users the best in cinematic entertainment.

The app already streams over 150 movies right to your PlayStation headset, including their own original content in the form of at least one horror movie set in JAUNT’s own world.

JAUNT is one of the best ways to stream VR-specific content without the hassle of premium membership fees.

You should check it out to see if some of your favorite movies are already there, waiting to be rediscovered in an entirely new format.


What’s Your Favorite App?

There are many other apps available for the PlayStation VR headset with more being added all the time.

However, these are among the best apps we’ve found so far, and all of them are available for free in either their full or demo forms.

Please feel free to let us know which of these apps is your favorite and why.

If you know of any great apps that aren’t on our list or cool 360 videos to check out, be sure to let us know what they are.


Just What is the PlayStation VR?

If you’ve heard of PlayStation but virtual reality is still new to you, we’re here to help demystify this gaming trend.

Like most virtual reality interfaces, the PlayStation VR is designed for you to wear as a headset.

The VR headset works with both the PlayStation 4 gaming console and as a standalone device.

This means that the unit can display imagery on both your television screen and its own built-in visor.

In addition, you’ll be able to choose whether the two devices display the same image or different ones.

This option gives you the ability to engage in either cooperative or competitive gameplay with other players.

You’ll still need controllers in order to interface with the unit and the PlayStation VR is compatible with Dualshock or PlayStation Move controllers.

In terms of technical specifications, PlayStation’s VR headset features a 5.7-inch organic light-emitting panel that displays images and video in full 1080p resolution.

Thanks to extra LED lights on the surface of the headset, the device works in tandem with a PlayStation Camera to track your head movements as you play.

Developers can create content that renders in three different frame rate modes to encourage maximum creativity and compatibility.

Thanks to head-tracking technology and 3D audio effects, the PSVR headset is currently one of the most comprehensive VR units on the market today.

Perhaps one of the most compelling things about the PlayStation VR headset is its relative simplicity.

Despite an impressive list of technical specifications and abilities, the PSVR is easy to set up and use.

In fact, it is likely already compatible with at least one other device in your home.

With a few USB plugins including the processor unit, power unit, and headset connector, you’ll be ready to check out PlayStation’s VR offerings in just a few minutes.

One thing of note is that you will need the PlayStation Camera to enjoy the full functionality of the headset, and you’ll have to purchase this device separately.

Overall, the PlayStation VR headset works as both an easy-to-use entry into the world of virtual reality gaming and as a system that will provide you with quality VR entertainment options for the foreseeable future.

Combine a new PlayStation headset with some games or programs from our list of the best apps for PS VR on the market today and experience some of the most immersive gameplay yet.

If you’ve had any experience with the PlayStation VR, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.