Best Multiplayer Games for PlayStation VR

A growing number of people are getting riled up by the impressive PlayStation VR or the PS VR.

There’s a good reason for all that excitement.

This accessory takes players into a whole new world of gaming and makes it possible to do a broad variety of fun and exciting things in a very immersive environment.

Even better, there are many fun and memorable multiplayer games on this system.

The best multiplayer games PS VR has to offer will place you in a virtual area in which you and your friends can compete.

Let’s take a look at which of these games are the best so you and your buds can have a blast!


The Best Multiplayer Games PS VR Fans Can Buy

We have carefully researched the best multiplayer games compatible with this unit.

We genuinely believe that the following games are the most fun and immersive.

Don’t hesitate to try them out to see what the PSVR has to offer you and how it can improve your gaming experience.


Star Trek Bridge Crew

Trekkies who are waiting for the ultimate multiplayer experience should look no further than this title!

You and your best friends can hook up your PS VR helmets and take command of the USS Aegis.

Take over a specific role on the ship, such as the captain, engineer, or tactical officer.

You then have to work together to ensure that you can finish several important missions.

The great thing about pairing this game with the PS VR is that you’ll feel like you’re on the bridge of the Aegis.

Even better, you can look down at the panels in the game and interact with them as if you are really on the ship.

Star Trek fans who have been waiting for a game like this can squee with excitement at all the gaming possibilities!



If you are looking for a fun and competitive game on the PS VR, this title is one of the best.

It is a unique game that is designed specifically for a virtual environment.

Players compete against each other to throw a ball into a net and score goals.

While this might seem a bit like basketball or a hands-on version of soccer, it is a little bit more sci-fi then that.

For example, you can dodge your opponents’ throws in real time, deflect the balls back at them with shields, and get incredible air with huge jumps.

Best of all, you can even split up into groups and compete together to see who the best Sparc player is on your block.

Sports fans will love this thrilling and unforgettable title.


Werewolves Within

Anybody who loves horror films will likely enjoy this fun game.

It is, in essence, a large-scale version of the old theater game “Killer.”

Everyone hooks up to the game and is assigned a role that other people don’t know.

Everybody but one person is a human being, and that last person is the werewolf.

In this environment, players compete to figure out the identity of the monster while convincing others they are not the wolf.

The awesome thing about this game is that it plays out in a slightly different way every time you play.

Even if you end up getting the same role several times, you can play the game in a slightly different way to change how the plot plays out.

That kind of replayability is rare in a multiplayer game, making this a truly first-class title.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Players who can’t convince their friends to buy a PS VR helmet can try out this game to convince them to drop some bucks.

In this title, one player wears the helmet and attempts to defuse a bomb in an immersive environment.

As they work, their friends outside of the bomb try to explain how to defuse it by talking to them or interacting with a downloaded phone app.

This concept is unique, fun, immersive, and a joy to play when you get started.

Anybody who hasn’t tried it should load it up and see what kind of fun it offers.

There’s nothing quite like frantically cutting wires and rerouting electricity with seconds to spare and stopping an explosion with just one second left on the clock.

You’ll feel like action movie stars!


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Titanfall and Rocket League Fans will enjoy RIGS.

That’s because it utilizes fun giant robots competing in a sporting environment.

Players with the PS VR helmet will be placed inside of a mech and then use their helmet to target enemies.

They can then attack enemies using the controller.

While this game features huge explosions, it is all done in the name of fun.

What is particularly significant about this game is that you can taunt your friends with wild movements and fun gestures.

Even better, the atmosphere and arena of the game shifts and changes every time that you play.

As a result, you will experience a slightly different game every time you play.

That’s one thing we love about the PS VR.

A growing number of the games are being created to generate wildly differing results.


Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is the kind of game that works well on multiple levels.

Hooking up alone with a PS VR lets you fly over a variety of different environments in Paris as an eagle.

However, if you can get multiple players involved in this game, you can play a rather morbid, but fun, game of capture the flag focused on fighting over a rotting carcass.

That’s right, you and your friends will compete to get this delicious meal.

While it might seem silly, soaring like an eagle across Paris, screeching at your friends, and tearing into them with your talons is an experience that is literally like nothing else I’ve ever played.

It is a unique experience that has to be played to be believed.


Sports Bar VR

Everybody has a core group of best friends whom they enjoy hanging out with as often as possible.

However, life often pushes us far apart from each other and makes it impossible to hang out as often as we’d like.

Thankfully, this fun title lets you and your buddies simulate what it’s like hanging out at the bar together.

You and up to five others meet in a virtual bar, play some fun games, watch your favorite sports, and just hang out.

While this might not seem like it would be that fun, the PS VR helps bring you into the environment.

You’ll feel like you’re hanging out with your buddies as you chat, throw darts, play pool, air hockey, dominoes, and have a few drinks.

This game showcases the incredible possibilities of virtual reality and its use as a socialization tool.


World War Toons Beta

This game is currently free because it is in the beta mode.

As a result, it will have a few bugs and some other concerns that make it less than perfect.

However, it is a surprisingly fluid and fun game that places you and your friends in a World War II environment.

There is one big difference between this and games like “Call of Duty.”

Instead of being a realistic game, it is rather cartoonish and silly.

Is this an insult to the memory of those who fought and served in World War II?

Nah, it’s way too much fun to be an insult.

You can play four different classes in four game modes, such as capture the flag, with multiple buddies.

It compares very favorably to the legendary “Team Fortress 2,” particularly with its goofy sense of humor.



The most recent version of Battlezone has taken the old-school Atari game and updated it for the modern world.

It lets you and your friends hook up together to take on a lengthy and exciting tank-based campaign.

While you regrettably can’t compete against each other, you can roam across a realistic environment, fight off enemies, and avoid getting blown up.

We love the retro-style of this game and how simple it is just to jump in and start playing without much of a fuss.

We also appreciate the many upgrades this game offers players.

You can boost your offense and defense in a broad variety of ways.

If you and your friends play well enough, you can end up tricking yourselves out into beastly tanks that nobody can take out.

You may even be able to change the course of World War II and change it however you want!


EVE: Valkyrie

Those who have used sets like the Oculus Rift are probably already quite familiar with this game on other systems.

However, the PS VR version is just as good as those titles.

The graphics will make your jaw drop and create the kind of immersive space environment that you have been craving.

Competing against your friends in these exciting gunships opens you up to multiple game styles, including deathmatch, control, and carrier assault.

What we particularly love about this game is that you can play it against friends who own the PC or Mac versions!

That kind of cross-platform gaming is almost unheard of in the gaming world and is a refreshing change of pace in an ordinarily ultra-competitive environment.

Hopefully, this signals a glut of games that follow a similar style.

We wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for it.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many impressive titles available with this cool and immersive tool.

While there are other games that you can try out with this system, we know that you’ll enjoy one or more of these great titles.

Most of them are available in video game stores or rental shops near you.

So don’t hesitate to either rent or purchase one today.

Get your best gaming buddies together and take these games for a spin.

These games alone make the PS VR an item that is worth your time and your money.

We guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself and have a blast.


What is the PS VR?

Before talking about the games on this list, I think it is a good idea to briefly discuss the PS VR for those who have somehow never heard of it.

When it was being developed, the PS VR was known as Project Morpheus.

This codename was designed to throw off competing developers and make sure that they didn’t try to copy the idea.

When it was finally released in October 2016, it showcased a headset that placed players in a virtual reality simulation.

Inside of the headset, it has a 5.7-inch OLED panel that allows players to see different virtual reality situations.

The display is in 1080p, an excellent rate for such an accessory.

Inside of the headset, there is a processor box that helps connect it to the television.

It also processes the virtual reality element, which is akin to advanced 3D graphics.

The speakers inside of the headset also simulate a 3D sound space.

What is unusually cool about this headset is that it has nine positional LED readers on the surface of the camera.

As a result, it can track your head in full 3D.

These movements help track your location in the environment and make sure that you interact with it appropriately.

The headset also connects to a PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller.

However, it is also adaptable to the PlayStation Move controller.

That said, the DualShock 4 is the most immersive choice because of its rumble.

As players play through the game, they can experience an atmosphere of three-dimensional immersion.

For example, they can turn their head in the helmet to see different areas of the game.

The display will make it feel like the player is inside of the game and playing against friends.

The sound system will then adapt to the unique position of the sounds.

For example, if you are playing a shooting game with friends and somebody throws a grenade at you from behind, the speakers will trigger behind you and on the proper side.

Even more impressively, it will then track the location of that grenade and every bullet to place you in a war-like environment that will feel incredibly real.

While it is not adaptable to every game on the PlayStation 4, a growing number of titles are being created specifically for the unit.

Sometimes, these games can be played without it.

However, they are more enjoyable and immersive if you do use this item.

This kind of virtual reality system is something that Sony has been playing around with for decades.

They developed a unit known as the Glasstron in 1997.

This unit was used in the game MechWarrior 2 and allowed you to feel like you were actually in the cockpit of a giant mechanized robot.

Other early ideas were either scrapped or found to be too costly to produce.

However, once Sony got into the video game market on a full-time basis, it was inevitable that they would try this concept again.

And the PS VR is the result of all their hard work. It has been a successful piece of equipment that many PlayStation 4 fans are investing in to increase their gaming effectiveness.

While it may be a little pricey for some players, hardcore gamers are thrilled about its possibilities.