Everything You Need to Know About the Gear VR Controller

The Gear VR Controller is a new controller that has been released by Samsung and Oculus to help improve the experience of virtual reality. This article will give you all the information you need about this new device, its features, and how it can improve your gaming experience.

The gear vr app is a virtual reality game that is compatible with the Samsung Gear VR headset. It is an exciting experience that will make you feel like you are there.

The Gear VR was the first smartphone-based VR headgear with controls integrated directly into the side of the body, thanks to Samsung’s collaboration with Oculus. This architecture allows for a variety of unique control methods, which have resulted in hundreds of entertaining games and applications for all users to enjoy.

This control system has been enhanced to keep things interesting, just as the headset itself has evolved and developed from generation to generation. However, it had limitations, the most of which could be overcome by purchasing a second gamepad to carry with you when you wished to play. Samsung has now released the Gear VR Controller, a more portable option that allows for even more versatility in games and applications.

What functions does this controller have?

Gear VR Controller

When utilizing the Gear VR, this controller takes over a lot of the functions that would usually be performed on the headset. You can look down and see the controller in VR, and you’ll notice a laser pointer effect when you aim the controller’s end towards objects. You can pick items without turning your head, shoot opponents in games, and move objects around on the screen as needed.

The Samsung Gear VR Controller is a tiny Bluetooth joystick that fits in the palm of your hand. The top of the headgear has a tiny touchpad for your thumb to rest on, the front has a trigger for shooting games, and the rest of the Gear VR controls are on the body. The volume rocker is slightly recessed to make it easier to locate while your eyes are occupied, and the Home and Back buttons have a similar feel to those on the side of the headset for familiarity.

Is a gamepad still required?

Gear VR Controller

Yes, for the time being. If you’re currently playing a game on your Gear VR that needs a separate Bluetooth gamepad, you’ll need it to continue playing your other games. Some games, such as Minecraft, need more buttons than this controller presently has.

Having said that, Oculus says that more than 70 titles are now in development for the Gear VR controller. It’s also possible that current gamepad-only games may eventually support the new Controller.

What games are compatible with the Gear VR Controller?

Gear VR Controller

Almost majority of them are ready to use right away. Any game that presently works with the touchpad on the side of the headset will also function with the Controller, according to Oculus. Instead of swiping left and right or up and down on the side of your head, you may use the trackpad on the Controller to do so.

Existing games will not have access to all of the Gear VR Controller’s capabilities just yet, it’s worth noting. The use of the laser pointer to select objects or the controller to pick up items will not be included in any game. You’ll still be pointing at a lot of things with your head, at least until games are updated to accommodate the new controller.

What does this have in common with Google Daydream?

Gear VR vs Daydream

The new Gear VR controller and Google’s Daydream Controller are similar, although there are some notable distinctions. The Gear VR controller features a trigger button that is missing from the Daydream controller, which has a thumb button beneath the trackpad.

The Gear VR Controller’s form also lends itself to being used as a handgun in a virtual reality shooter, while the Daydream Controller has a flat wand-like shape. Samsung’s controller is also somewhat thicker, which, when combined with the more ergonomic design, makes it a bit more comfortable for bigger hands.

Is it possible to charge this controller inside the Gear VR?

Gear VR Controller

The new Gear VR controller is powered by two AAA batteries that can be removed and does not have a separate charging connection. The new controller, according to Samsung, can play for up to 80 hours before the batteries need to be changed.

It’s easy to change the batteries by removing and replacing the battery cover, however it’s unclear where the Controller will be kept when not in use. Samsung promises to provide additional details as the launch date approaches.

I’m not sure where I can buy one.

Later this year, Samsung will include the Gear VR Controller with new Gear VR kits. Existing Gear VR owners will be able to buy the Controller separately and add it to their VR experience. There is currently no price information available for any setup.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a Gear VR controller?

To use a Gear VR controller, you need to hold it in your left hand and place the index finger of your right hand on the trigger.

What is a Gear VR controller?

A Gear VR controller is a virtual reality headset that allows the user to interact with the virtual environment using their hands.

Do you need a controller for Gear VR?

Yes, you will need a controller for Gear VR.

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