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The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. It was released in April 2016 for use with video games, but it can also be used for other purposes such as movies, design, engineering, and more. There are currently over 1,000 VR games available on Steam.

The best hotas games 2020 is a list of the best games to play with a gamepad for the HTC Vive.

Even with the HTC Vive’s sophisticated motion capabilities, there are occasions when a conventional controller is preferable. A variety of sitting games are now accessible in virtual reality, bringing a new level of immersion to your daily gaming. These are the top five games that utilize a gamepad for the HTC Vive.

Do you need a gamepad? In VR, you may use your Xbox One and PS4 controllers!


Thumper is a rhythmic racing for the HTC Vive that takes full use of complete player immersion to offer an intuitive adrenaline rush. Players take control of a sleek space beetle and race along Thumper’s smooth track, smashing past obstacles and adversaries in their path.

Thumper’s simplicity is a big element of its attraction, since it just has one analog stick and one button. Players will experience the speed and intensity of the events as they are engaged in such an enthralling environment. Thumper is the place to go for a remarkable gamepad experience with the HTC Vive, featuring fast-paced action, challenging boss fights, and a soothing music.

Check it out on Steam.

Flight of the Eagle

Eagle Flight is a virtual reality headset-exclusive seated multiplayer experience for the HTC Vive. The game provides a broad variety of highly polished material from the skies of Paris, as one of the first HTC Vive games from world-famous publisher Ubisoft.

Eagle Flight, which puts you in the shoes of a winged bird of prey, offers high-speed dogfights across an urban skybox. With the assistance of some online feathered pals, players will accomplish a variety of goals using the city’s interwoven streets and landmarks. Eagle Flight’s dynamic gameplay is made for the HTC Vive, and it sets a high standard for the company’s future initiatives.

Check it out on Steam.


Space is a very lonely place, and when things go wrong, it may seem almost impossible to survive. ADR1FT, like several of this decade’s greatest sci-fi blockbusters, exploits this idea by trapping the player in the wreckage of a wrecked space station. Players must pull themselves through the rubble, with no memory of past events and a broad variety of dangers, in the hopes of avoiding death.

The gameplay of ADR1FT is very unusual, with a variety of concepts based on the dangers of space. While both zero-gravity and environmental dangers must be considered, keeping track of your oxygen supply is a much more difficult task to keep track of during your trip. Those who are prone to motion sickness should avoid playing this game since it gives you full control over your gamepad in zero-gravity conditions.

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Dangerous Elite

Elite Dangerous is a more realistic spaceship simulation, with sophisticated controls and a rich environment to explore. Elite Dangerous’ finest moments may also be experienced with the aid of a conventional controller and VR headset as an addition to the regular desktop experience.

Elite Dangerous puts players in the cockpit of the galaxy’s most sophisticated spaceship, allowing them to explore a vast yet dangerous cosmos. You’ll work your way up the ranks by shifting goods between systems and performing tasks to gain credits, eventually becoming one of Elite’s most valuable pilots.

Check it out on Steam.

The House of the Dying Sun (House of the Dying Sun) is a

House of the Dying Sun is a more simple, combat-driven game if you want to jump into some heart-racing dogfights without the intricacies of Elite Dangerous. Players may command their fleet into combat while getting their hands dirty behind a cockpit, with aspects of both shooter and real-time strategic action.

Each of the game’s confrontations feels equally stressful because to the game’s numerous wide yet self-contained sandboxes. There are also many upgrade and difficulty settings available, and all levels may be replayed numerous times without becoming fatigued, as seen in other VR games. House of the Dying Sun is a must-have for shooter lovers, with some of the finest seated gameplay currently available.

Check it out on Steam.

Do you have any suggestions for VR games that can be played with a gamepad? Please let us know in the comments area if you have any questions!

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