How to Reset Your Gear VR Сontroller

The Gear VR controller is a wireless, motion-based input device designed for use with the Samsung Gear VR headset. It features three degrees of freedom (3DOF) and can track your head position.

It may be very aggravating to have your new Gear VR controller misbehaving when you’re trying to enjoy yourself. While no one likes to have to deal with it, it does occur from time to time. While it will take a few minutes to reset your controller, it is completely possible.

What is the procedure for resetting my Gear VR controller?


To reset your controller, you’ll have to unpair it from your phone for the time being. While this may change in the future, for the time being, it seems to be the only method to reset your controller without pulling the batteries out and putting them back in.

You’ll need to go to your Bluetooth settings first. Your connected Gear VR controller should appear in the paired devices column; touch the gear to the right. Tap ‘Unpair’ from here. The Gear VR controller should now appear in the “available devices” section. After that, you’ll have to re-pair your phone and controller. You’ll be able to return to VR and enjoy yourself once again once you’ve fixed your controller.

Instructions in detail

  1. Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Toggle the gear on your Gear VR controller to the right.
  3. To unplug your controller from your phone, tap ‘Unpair.’
  4. Connect your phone to the Gear VR controller by going back to the Oculus app.

Find out how to attach your Gear VR controller in this article.

What’s the point of resetting my Gear VR controller?


It’s possible that you’ll need to reset your controller from time to time. While we recommend double-checking your controller’s battery life if it’s acting up, a hard reset may frequently get it functioning properly again. It’s a basic reality of life that technology will go down from time to time.

If your controller isn’t functioning correctly or behaving strangely, and the batteries are still fully charged, you may have to bite the bullet and reset the stupid thing. While it will take a few minutes, it should only take around 5-10 minutes of your time away from your VR headset.

Have you ever had to reset your gamepad?


Nobody likes to take time away from gaming to troubleshoot a problem, but it does happen sometimes. When you’re in VR, controller problems may be particularly aggravating, but unpairing and reconnecting your controller may be the answer. Have you ever had to reset your gamepad? Is there any other method to reset it that we haven’t mentioned? Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my gear VR controller?

The Gear VR controller has a small button on the bottom left of it that you can press to turn it off.

Why are my VR controllers not working?

Make sure your controller is plugged in correctly. If it’s not, make sure the game detects it and you are holding it properly.

How do you reset a VR hand?

To reset a VR hand, you must first remove the headset from your head. Next, take off your left glove and put it on your right hand. Finally, hold the controller in your left hand with the thumb facing up and push down on the back of the controller with your thumb.

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