Everything You Can do with the USB Port on Your Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR is a virtual reality headset developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics. It was released in November 2015, and can be used with either the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+.

The gear vr usb-c adapter is a USB port that has been released for the Samsung Gear VR. It allows users to do everything they can do with the USB port on their phone, but it also allows them to charge their device and use it as a wireless controller.

The USB Type C connector on the 2016 and 2017 Gear VR is so tiny and out of the way that you may not even notice it until someone informed you it was there. However, that little USB Type connection may be used to improve your virtual reality experience in a number of ways. Here are some of the greatest ways to use the port to your advantage.

Keep your phone’s battery alive.


Using the Gear VR may rapidly deplete your phone’s battery. You’ll want to utilize the connector to power your Gear VR if you want to use it and then have your phone near to full charge before heading out. While you’re in virtual reality, plugging in your Gear VR will not charge your phone; instead, it will utilize the power socket to power the Gear VR rather than your phone. This uses less energy and allows you to leave your VR experience with a battery that is near to full.

There are battery packs that work with the gadget, however they are often large and make the device seem unbalanced. The best option is to use a longer USB Type C cord and be near to an outlet. If you’re playing a game that requires you to stand up, be sure you don’t trip over a cable.

External material may be seen


On the matte black versions of the Gear VR, this was one of the most exciting improvements to the port. They may be used to access external material. You’ll need a USB Type C flash drive, but you can put your favorite movies or video material onto it and watch them in a virtual theater with it.

More on the best storage choices for the Gear VR may be found in our guide.

Use a combination of wired and wireless controllers, mouse, and keyboards.


On the Gear VR, there are a number of excellent games that support controllers. While you can utilize a number of wireless controllers, you can also use the USB Type C connection to connect a hard wired controller.

Because most controllers connect through USB Type A, you’ll need to buy a USB Type C OTG adapter to make it work.

You can connect a mouse and keyboard to the Gear VR using the same kind of adapter you’d need to attach a wired controller.

What are some of your personal favorites?


What are your favorite ways to utilize the Gear VR’s USB port? Have you discovered any new methods to use the port? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you charge your phone while using Gear VR?


Why was Samsung Gear VR discontinued?

Samsung discontinued the Gear VR because it was not selling well.

What can I do with Samsung Gear VR?

The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that uses a high-end smartphone to provide the display. It was released in November 2016 and has been in use since then.

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