How to Use Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controllers for VR on your Windows PC

The good news: Windows 10 and the Xbox One and PS4 controllers now work with Virtual Reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The bad news: with those controllers, you can’t navigate with a mouse, and instead must rely on the Xbox’s and PS4’s buttons for movement and interacting with objects. After trying to do so for hours on end, we decided to share our tips with you to help you out.

If you want to buy a VR headset which does not require a powerful gaming PC, you will be faced with a choice between the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Windows Mixed Reality is a brand new type of PC hardware that allows you to use a USB-connected Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller to navigate menus and play games. This tutorial will show you how to use a Windows Mixed Reality headset with a PlayStation 4 controller to play games in the comfort of your own room.

If you have a Windows PC, you can buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, plug it in to your PC, and use it to play games that are designed to be played with a controller in VR, notably games published by Microsoft and Sony. The controllers are wireless, so they don’t need to be connected to your PC to work, and they charge over USB. The Xbox One controller has a built-in IR blaster, which means you can use it to control other devices in your house, even when the controller is not in your hands.

Despite the fact that a mouse and keyboard are the preferred input method for many PC games, gamepads are still widely utilized in a variety of titles. While some individuals prefer to use a controller, the bulk of seated virtual reality experiences are making a return.

You may utilize your current controllers with your PC if you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Here’s how to get both controllers functioning on your Windows PC in just a few easy steps!

Controller for Xbox One

The Xbox One controller is one of the simplest to use with Windows, with compatibility built right into the operating system. The controllers may be used on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs, albeit in a somewhat more complicated way. Most other gamepads, notably Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, do not have the same level of interoperability as Xbox One controllers.


Use a Micro-USB cable to connect your Xbox One controller.

A physical USB to Micro-USB connection is the simplest way to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC. Because drivers for current versions of Windows are readily accessible, the controllers may be quickly connected for a ‘Plug and Play’ experience.

  • If you’re using Windows 10, the Xbox One controller drivers are pre-installed with the operating system. These are also updated automatically via the Xbox Accessories app.
  • The Xbox One controller is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, thanks to an automated download for both operating systems. The necessary drivers will automatically install when you connect the controller to your PC.

If you’re experiencing trouble getting the drivers to download automatically, you may manually install them from the Xbox website.


Use the Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect your Xbox One controller.

A wireless adaptor is available for purchase from Microsoft if you want to utilize any Xbox One controller with a PC wirelessly. Up to eight wireless controllers may be connected at once using a separate dongle that connects through USB.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows supports all Xbox One controller models and may be utilized on Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Although a small number of current controllers have Bluetooth compatibility, this adapter enables your PC to connect to the Xbox One’s unique wireless connection, which is supported by all controllers.

Simply follow the instructions below to get started with the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

  1. Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to your computer running Windows.
  2. Wait for the adapter to be identified, after which the drivers will be installed automatically.
  3. Press the bind button on both the adapter and the controller to bind your controller.
  4. You’ll be set to go once the gadgets have detected each other.


Use Bluetooth to connect your Xbox One controller.

With the release of Microsoft’s Xbox One S this year, the firm also released a new streamlined controller to complement the new console’s appearance. The controller’s internals were also overhauled in this edition, including the ability to connect to devices through Bluetooth. If your controller is one of the later versions (identified by a smooth single faceplate covering the top of the controller), you won’t need the Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect it to your PC.

Here’s how to pair your Xbox One controller with your smartphone through Bluetooth:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of Windows 10 installed for the best results.
  2. To turn on your controller, press the Xbox button.
  3. For three seconds, press the controller binding button on the top of your controller.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.
  5. Pick Pair from the list of available devices and select Xbox Wireless Controller.

DualShock 4 controller for PlayStation

Although Sony’s PlayStation controllers do not have native compatibility for Windows, there are numerous hacks that enable you to connect the controller to your computer. You’ll need to seek out third-party solutions in order to get the greatest results.

A wireless adapter for the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller is also available for Windows, although it’s not recommended owing to its restricted compatibility with PC games. The DualShock 4 cannot be used with a majority of games while utilizing this adaptor, which is designed to operate with Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now.


Use a Micro-USB cable to connect your PlayStation DualShock 4 controller.

While the DualShock 4 controller from the PlayStation 4 may be used on a PC, native support for Windows 10 is presently unavailable. Despite the ease with which the controller may be linked to Windows, mapping controller inputs to precise in-game controls has proved to be difficult.

A third-party software known as DS4Windows has emerged as the recommended solution for getting your controller functioning on your PC. Only a few steps are needed to get the controller functioning as a simple software that lets the device mimic an Xbox 360 gamepad.

  1. The DS4Windows ZIP file may be downloaded from the following link.
  2. Two applications are included in the downloaded ZIP file: DS4Windows and DS4Updater.
  3. Start DS4Windows.
  4. Complete the installation by following the wizard’s on-screen directions. Use a USB to Micro-USB cable to attach your controller when prompted.


Connect your DualShock 4 controller to your PlayStation 4 through Bluetooth.

All versions of the DualShock 4 have built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your controller wirelessly. The DualShock controller works best with DS4Windows, much like a wired connection.

Follow these instructions to connect your controller to your computer:

  1. Check to see whether the PlayStation controller is switched off.
  2. Simultaneously press the PlayStation button and the Share button. The LED bar on your controller will start blinking to signify pairing mode.
  3. Once in pairing mode, navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.
  4. From the list of available devices, choose Wireless Controller and then Pair.

The DS4Windows installation procedure is almost similar to that of a wired controller once connected.

  1. The DS4Windows ZIP file may be downloaded from the following link.
  2. Two applications are included in the downloaded ZIP file: DS4Windows and DS4Updater.
  3. Start DS4Windows.
  4. Complete the installation by following the wizard’s on-screen directions.

While we’ve just looked at the procedures for installing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, there are a number of third-party controller options available. If you have any problems with the instructions we’ve given above, please let us know in the comments section below!

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When you’re in the mood to play a video game, you don’t need to be told twice what controller to use. But if you’ve been holding out on buying a VR headset, you can get a good sense of what it’s like to get immersed in a virtual world by using a controller. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a PS4 controller with a Windows 10 PC to play virtual reality games, and we’ll help you get started with a PS4 wired controller for your Windows 10 PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use PSVR controllers on PC?

Unfortunately, Sony does not allow users to use PSVR controllers on PC. This is due to copyright restrictions that Sony fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

Can you use Xbox controller and PS4 controller on PC?

Yes, you can use Xbox controller and PS4 controller on PC.

Can you use Xbox controller with VR headset?

Yes, you can use Xbox controller with VR headset.

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